Lemon Cello Strain Review & Information

Close up of Lemon Cello Strain. Lemon Cello is a sativa strain that delivers uplifting and energizing effects.

Lemon Cello is arguably the most delicious sativa strain on the West Coast. Its sticky buds have an enticing lemony-citrus aroma and taste with a hint of earthiness.

The cerebral high provides an excellent balance between physical effects and a clear headed high, leaving its users deeply relaxed yet attentive and aware.

Is Lemon Cello sativa or indica?

Lemon Cello is a sativa strain that delivers uplifting and energizing effects. This sativa is great for daytime use and will make you happy!

What are the effects of this strain?

Users will feel the effects of this sativa very quickly. First, you will be hit with a strong rush to the head that is noticeably more energizing than disorienting.

Once time passes, the initial tingle spreads down the head and into the limbs, creating a deep relaxation without any couch-lock-effects. Next, you will be hit with a feeling of creativity.

This is a great strain for creative brainstorming and visualization. The sense of ease and creativity make Lemon Cello a great strain to consume in social settings. It provides both relaxation and buzz for the body and mind. This mellow high is good for relieving stress, anxiety, and depression.

Lemon Cello strain could be considered a wake-and-bake strain, and is more suitable for daytime use than for evening. It is not recommended for those suffering from insomnia, as the stimulation can actually keep users awake.

green marijuana leaves and buds. Lemon Cello Strain
Lemon Cello is an energizing sativa strain.

Lemon Cello‘s looks are not particularly visually impressive, but the trichome count is very high, hence why it is such a sticky plant.  Its leaves are a pale to medium green shade that forms into densely packed buds.

Lemon Cello Strain Overview

  • THC: 27.7%
  • Sativa
  • Sweet, Citrus Aroma
  • Ideal For Daytime use
Lemon Cello Strain Review
Lemon Cello has a sweet flavor and aroma.

What does Lemon Cello smell like?

Once lit, the buds give off a clean and herbal scent, a similar aroma to burning sage.

The smooth smoke is not overwhelmingly pungent, but similarly herbal to its aroma. Lemon Cello strain leaves a lingering spicy- floral scent similar to potpourri.

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