Hawaiian Punch Strain Review

Hawaiian Punch Strain Review

Hawaiian Punch may seriously be the best weed I have ever smoked. It has a delicious taste with a super trippy high, coupled with uncontrollable laughs. It definitely made me feel like I was relaxing on a beach in Hawaii. I had heard a lot about this strain from a friend of mine who also experienced one of the best highs of their life so I had to try it out myself.

Hawaiian Punch Overview

  • Hybrid Strain

  • Ideal for pain management, stress relief, creativity

  • Fruity, Sweet Aroma

  • 28.9% THC

Smoke & Effects

This tropical strain was a true pleasure to smoke, not once was it harsh on my throat. It smoked so good that I needed hit after hit. After the high set in, I felt an extreme body and head buzz that transported me to an island far, far away. It was an exceptional high. It also sparked some deep creativity and I wound up picking up a paintbrush and creating some really trippy works of art.  What I really love about this strain is that it didn’t glue me to the couch. I had a great sense of relaxation and energy at the same time.

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Taste & Aroma

Hawaiian Punch has a taste just like its tropical name. The sweet flavors mixed with a deep earthiness that was so refreshing. Its tropical flavors come through and it has a lemony citrus aftertaste that lingers on the tongue.



Hawaiian Punch lives up to the hype. This was probably the most delicious and relaxing strain I have ever smoked, and I loved every second of feeling like I was on the beach relaxing somewhere. I hope they keep this hybrid in stock, because I will definitely be ordering it again.

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