Study Shows Medical Cannabis Is an Option for Seniors With Pain

Study Shows Medical Cannabis Is an Option for Seniors With Pain

A lot people have a grandparent or older relative that, under physicians’ orders, are carrying more pharmaceuticals than they’d like for chronic pain, side effects and all. However, with more states allowing cannabis accessibility through recreational and medical adult-use, a few seniors are coming around to the thought that they may discover the aid they’re searching for using cannabis. A brand new study, though preliminary, gives scientists a much better idea of medical cannabis and seniors.

New study revels outstanding results

Researchers examined 204 medical marijuana patients in New York aged 75 and older to ascertain how they reacted to cannabis to treat their symptoms and possibly lower their dependence and use of opioids. Seventy-five percent of those participants had been treated for chronic pain, together with neuropathy, cancer, MS, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s. All were treated with products which contained both THC and CBD, which the majority receiving tinctures applied under the tongue by dropper.

Half explained their chronic pain diminished, 18% said that they slept better , nerve pain decreased for 15%, and stress was quelled at 10%. Originally, 34% of patients experienced side effects from medical marijuana, most commonly sleepiness (13%), equilibrium issues (7%) and gastrointestinal problems (7%). After alterations in dose, just 21% continued to get side effects. Only 3% of participants stopped taking medical marijuana as a result of side effects.

Best cannabis options for results

The study’s biggest success for all states was a dose introduced at a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. CBD products which are offered nationally –like the ones currently available at particular CVS shops –might not contain more than 0.3% THC, unless marketed in a condition with a medical or adult-use cannabis program.

Medical marijuana as an alternative

Metzler talked about the advantages of providing seniors the alternatives to use cannabis instead of opioids: “Nobody overdoses on medical marijuana”. In addition, he addressed the reality that through the present medical cannabis program in New York, it is not cheap right now to receive your canna meds throughout the dispensary system. Seniors reported spending between $125 and $500 a month to get their cannabis products from pocket, underscoring that dispensary trips are not covered or reimbursed the same way that drugstore excursions are.

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