Ice Cream Cake Review

Ice Cream Cake Review

Ice Cream Cake is a delicious hybrid cross between Gelato & Wedding Cake. This unique strain is tested at 33.2% THC and I can attest to the potency! I had the pleasure of smoking Ice Cream Cake yesterday and my experience was better than I could have imagined.

Ice Cream Cake Overview

  • Hybrid Cross Of Gelato & Wedding Cake
  • Ideal for relaxation, pain management, & insomnia
  • Sweet, Berry Aroma
  • 33.2% THC

Smoke & Effects

This hybrid was so smooth to toke and  gave off a really nice cloud of smoke. Once the cloud subsided, the high set in. The wonderful, relaxing, euphoric high that I have been searching for was finally discovered, and I was content to relax alone in my living room. Ice Cream Cake delivered  the perfect mixture of body and mind relaxation. Of course, I felt the extreme potency behind my eyes and I had to put drops in a few times to relieve the dryness. Because of its high THC content, this strain is also great for pain management. I was taking Advil for a strain I had in my back, but a few hits of Ice Cream Cake did more than the Advil had done all week.

Taste & Aroma

This hybrid was the most delicious strain I have tried yet. I’m not exaggerating, this tasted like a sweet ice cream cone dipped in a berry sauce and sprinkled with sugar. The aroma was almost like freshly baked sugar cookies mixed with a light scent of pine. I wish I could make a candle out of this scent.


I must warn you newbies- this strain will kick your butt! I advise you to start slow and go from there. 33.2% THC is no joke and even for a seasoned smoker like myself, I felt the potency. Ice Cream Cake is a great choice for deep relaxation or pain management. I will be smoking this again 100%.

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