Man Serving Life For $30 Marijuana Sale Set To Be Released

Louisiana Man Serving Life For $30 Marijuana Sale Set To Be Released

In 2008, Derek Harris of Louisiana was arrested for selling less than $30 worth of cannabis to a police officer. His sentence? Lifetime imprisonment. But his attorney has just revealed the biggest miracle to happen to him yet… he is going to be released from prison.

Man Serving Life For $30 Marijuana Sale Set To Be Released

He was initially sentenced to 15 years in prison, but was resentenced in 2012 to life in prison under the Habitual Offender Law, which allows judges to impose stricter sentences on someone who’s been charged before.. He has already served 9 years in prison.

Harris claimed his attorney failed him by staying silent when a judge said he had no choice but to hand Harris a life prison term as a habitual offender, after his conviction for the sale of less than a gram of marijuana to an undercover agent who came to Harris’ door in 2008.

Harris was a Gulf war veteran. Harris had a substance abuse problem that started when he returned from Desert Storm, a US military operation during the Gulf War launched in response to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

“His prior offenses were nonviolent and related to his untreated dependency on drugs,” Louisiana Supreme Court Justice John Weimer wrote.

Man serving life for $30 marijuana sale set to be released.
Derek Harris remains in Angola State Prison. His release date is pending. When Harris is released, he has plans to move to Kentucky with his brother and family.

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