Grape Stomper Strain Review & Information


What is Grape Stomper?

Grape Stomper is the perfect morning toke. This sweet and subtle sour grape candy scent is pleasant and comforting. Known for hard-hitting full body energetic effects, Grape Stomper also aids with loss of appetite, anxiety, and depression.


Is Grape Stomper Indica or Sativa?

Grape Stomper properties lean toward sativa. This sativa-dominant hybrid crosses Purple Elephant and Chemdawg Sour Diesel parent strains. The sweet sativa leaning Grape Stomper is exactly what you’ll need if you’re looking for a socializing strain.


Grape Stomper Strain Growing Info

Grape Stomper seeds can be planted both indoors or outdoors. Surprisingly, the Grape Stomper flower isn’t as purple as you might anticipate. Notably, this strain has slight lavender features blanketed with both trichomes and bright orange hairs. Even though Grape Stomper strain flowering time awaits for an October bloom, it can grown 8-10 weeks indoors any time of year.


Grape Stomper THC Level

How strong is Grape Stomper? Kushfly offers Grape Stomper THC level at an elevated 25.9%. 


Grape Stomper Strain Effects

This highly energizing strain will allow overactive mind to center, focus, and reel in relaxation for ADD and ADHD consumers. Grape Stomper is also known to not only foster creativity but also stimulate paranoia. Inhale this happy, social butterfly strain and you’ll be feeling a supercharge of energy that settles into a bodily calm. Depending on your conditions you can uplift your mood or stabilize your mood swings with Grape Stomper. Great for morning use, Grape Stomper is also known to relieve symptoms from: Anxiety and Depression, Arthritis and Inflammation, Chronic Body Pain, Fatigue and Insomnia, and Headaches and Migraines.


Grape Stomper Strain Flavors

Grape Stomper smells like a fruity grape candy. It’s sweet berry flavor will tickle your taste buds. As you inhale more you’ll notice a sour grape sensation that will have you yearning for more.


Grape Stomper Strain Smell

Grape Stomper smells just as it tastes, like a sweet and sour grape candy. A faint diesel smell accompanies the light smoke with an air of a floral scent. Are you ready for Grape Stomper? 


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