What is Cannabis Pollen? Marijuana Pollen Definition

What Does Marijuana Pollen Look Like?

Marijuana pollen is a fine, powdery substance. Like the pollen you see during pollen season, it has a light yellow and wheat-like color. Unlike female cannabis plants, male plants produce sacs of pollen.

When Do Male Cannabis Plants Release Pollen?

When pollen sacs fully mature, they will release pollen. This should happen about 1 month after flowering. Once matured, the pollen can fertilize the female cannabis plant.

How Is Pollen Transferred in Marijuana Plants?

Outdoor grown marijuana plant pollination is a naturally occurring process. When fertilized outdoors, pollen spreads through the air. Indoor marijuana plants require human intervention. Growers will need to set up their own pollen collection process in order to catch pollen. Once gathered, they will need to manually place it on the female plant stigma (part of the pistil) to fertilize.

How to Collect Pollen

As soon as the pollen sacs begin to open, the pollen collection process should begin. Remove the flower cluster from the male cannabis plant. Once removed, keep it stored and sealed for about a week.

How to Store Pollen

Storing your pollen is an option if you’d like to keep it for later use. After the flower cluster dries in your sealed container, you can store your cannabis pollen. Take your dried cluster and place it on a micron screen with wax paper beneath to absorb moisture. If you mix in some flour with the pollen, it can be stored for longer periods. Store sealed in a freezer.


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