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Feeling Lazy? Hibernate Through Winter With These Sleepy Weed Strains


It’s midway through January, and by now your animal instincts may have kicked in. If you’ve been feeling sleepy and sluggish lately, you’re not alone. It’s normal to have lower energy levels during the winter months. In fact, bears, bats, and even snails all hibernate through winter, and we admit – we are slightly jealous! Although we might not be able to sleep the season away, we can still enjoy these cozy days with some sleepy weed strains.

5 Sleepy weed strains


1. Candy Chrome


If you’re wanting to cozy up and snuggle in bed, give Candy Chrome a try.

Candy Chrome is a sweet indica strain with creamy, sugary flavors. This potent strain is ideal for combatting anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Make sure you have some snacks nearby because after a smoke sesh with Candy Chrome, the munchies will hit you hard fast!

2. Kashmire

Feeling Lazy? Hibernate Through Winter With These Sleepy Weed Strains
Kashmire will do the job if you’re having trouble sleeping.

Kashimre delivers an intense yet relaxing high. This indica offers a dreamy euphoria coupled with mild sedation to create the ultimate experience. Get ready for complex aromas and flavors of sweet berries with earthy undertones. Kashimre is an ideal strain for enjoying after a long day, when you want to cozy up with blankets and a movie.


3. Marathon OG


Marathon OG is a perfect strain for sleeping the night away.

Marathon OG is a strain that lives up to the hype! This sought after indica is ideal for reducing stress and anxiety, and will leave you in a total state of relaxation. Be careful not to overindulge, or you won’t get much done on your to-do list. Smokers can enjoy earthy and pungent flavors and aromas.


4. Purple Platinum


Feeling Lazy? Hibernate Through Winter With These Sleepy Weed Strains
Purple Platinum is a hard hitting indica that will leave you feeling sleepy and relaxed.

Purple Platinum is a sleepy weed strain you need when you want to totally relax and chill. This indica may take a few extra seconds to fully hit you, but once it does, you’ll be in a total state of euphoria and bliss.


5. LA Kush Cake

LA Kush Cake is a sedating strain that will lure you to sleep.

LA Kush Cake is indoor grown indica strain. It creates with perfect euphoria for winding down. This indica carries the classic OG taste of earthy diesel. Its aroma is rich with diesel and pine notes accented by a sour and earthy fragrance. LA Kush Cake is a great option for those seeking pain relief or more powerful euphoria, as this strain imbues the mind and body with tranquilizing relaxation.


What kind of weed strains help you sleep?

Feeling Lazy? Hibernate Through Winter With These Sleepy Weed Strains
Indica strains are the best option when looking for strains to make you sleep.


When searching for sleepy weed strains, it’s best to choose an indica flower. Indica strains are physically and mentally sedating, which is ideal for a night of restful sleep. Look for a strain with a high THC count, over 20% and after a few hits, you’ll be hibernating all winter long.

Typically, cannabis Indica plants are short, bushy plants with wide leaves. Indica plants typically grow faster and have a higher yield than the sativa variety. Indica strains contain higher CBD and lower THC counts.

Major qualities of Indica strains include:

  • increased mental relaxation
  • muscle relaxation
  • decreases nausea
  • decreases acute pain
  • increases appetite
  • increases dopamine (a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers)
  • ideal for night time use


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