STNDRD Indica Vape Cartridges 1g

STNDRD Indica Vape Cartridges contain 1G cannabis derived terpenes, ensuring ultimate taste and potency in every puff you take.

Available in various indica strains.

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Introducing STNDRD Indica Vape Cartridges – the ultimate way to elevate your next vape sesh.

These vape cartridges contain 1G of pure THC oil, ensuring ultimate taste and potency in every puff you take. With sleek design, STNDRD Indica Cartridges come in various indica strains.

All of natural, cannabis-derived terpenes are specially formulated to deliver the best tasting experience.

No matter your mood, STNDRD has the perfect vape cartridge for you.

Follow the path to your deepest desire with STNDRD Indica Vape Cartridges!

Available Strains

Private Reserve 

Private Reserve indica strain boasts a sweet aroma and a robust pine undertone, culminating in a delightful, mildly sour flavor profile.

Characterized as a creeper strain, it gradually envelops users in a potent body buzz, inducing euphoria, relaxation, and heightened energy.

Ideal for evening relaxation, it combats insomnia effectively, ensuring a tranquil night’s rest.

Blueberry Kush

Blueberry Kush indica strain induces profound relaxation, happiness, euphoria, and drowsiness, making it perfect for late-night use and combating insomnia.

Sporting an earthy profile with berry and herbal hints, it can cause dry mouth and eyes.

King Louis

King Louis delivers a potent and relaxing experience, ushering in relaxation and drowsiness. This indica strain is also known for it’s appetite-boosting properties, adding to it’s therapeutic value.

It’s fragrance is a rich medley of pungent scents, weaving together hints of diesel, pine, and earthiness, mirroring the robust and captivating flavor profile characterized by earthy, pine, and diesel notes.


What do STNDRD Indica Vape Cartridges contain?

STNDRD Indica Vape Cartridges are filled with premium cannabis-derived terpenes.

How many grams do STNDRD Indica Vape Cartridges have?

STNDRD THC Vape Cartridges come with 1G of pure cannabis oil.

Where can I buy STNDRD Indica Vape Cartridges?

Kushfly offers fast & discreet cannabis delivery service for STNDRD THC Vape products.

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