STNDRD Hybrid Vape Cartridges 1g

STNDRD Hybrid Vape Cartridges contain 1G cannabis derived terpenes, ensuring ultimate taste and potency in every puff you take.

Available in various Hybrid strains.

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Introducing STNDRD Hybrid Vape Cartridges – the ultimate way to elevate your next vape sesh.

These vape cartridges contain 1G THC oil, ensuring ultimate taste and potency in every puff you take. With sleek design, STNDRD Hybrid Cartridges come in exciting sativa strains.

All of natural, cannabis-derived terpenes are specially formulated to deliver the best tasting experience.

No matter your mood, STNDRD has the perfect vape cartridge for you.

Follow the path to your deepest desire with STNDRD Hybrid Vape Cartridges!

Available Strains


Biscotti indica strain delivers an exceptionally delectable flavor profile alongside formidable effects.

It’s high brings in waves of euphoria and profound bodily tranquility, guiding you towards a joyfully carefree state of mind.

It’s aroma combines sugary cookie hints with a touch of spice, blending earthy herbs and fruity notes, all anchored by a delightful cookie essence.


Runtz is a well-balanced hybrid that boasts a delectable fruity taste, combining tropical citrus and sour berry flavors.

It’s aroma mirrors this fruity goodness, with a hint of spicy pineapple that intensifies when the compact buds are broken apart and ignited.

The Runtz high starts with a calming head buzz before spreading relaxation throughout the body. It eventually leads to deep sedation and couch-lock, often inducing prolonged sleep.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake gives an exceptionally sweet and fruity aroma, providing a delightful blend of cookie sweetness and cherry pie fruitiness.

With sedative effect, it effectively soothes nerves and mitigates anxiety-related symptoms without severely impacting focus or energy levels.


What do STNDRD Hybrid Vape Cartridges contain?

STNDRD Hybrid Vape Cartridges are filled with premium cannabis-derived terpenes.

How many grams do STNDRD Hybrid Vape Cartridges have?

STNDRD THC Vape Cartridges come with 1G of pure cannabis oil.

Where can I buy STNDRD Hybrid Vape Cartridges?

Kushfly offers fast & discreet cannabis delivery service for STNDRD THC Vape products.

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