Blue Wolf Strain Review

LA Weeds Blue Wolf Strain Review

Blue Wolf is an exceptional strain. I don’t use the word ‘exceptional’ too often, but I think this sativa deserves it. I’m so glad Kushfly has some new sativas in stock, but this one is my personal favorite.

Smoke & Effects

Blue Wolf’s nugs are a decent size and they’re super fresh, like this batch was just harvested. When my order arrived, I excitedly opened the jar and the room instantly filled with a sweet, earthy aroma. I packed about 1g into a joint and lit up. Wow. This strain is definitely a sativa. My mind started to wake up, and I felt like a jumped into a river of happiness. My body and mind felt so good, I had to do something with my energy. It might sound a little strange, but I love to clean when I’m high, so I cleaned my whole apartment. Even though I had so much energy, my mind felt calm and at ease. It was a great feeling to be awake, yet serene.

Blue Wolf Overview

  • Sativa
  • Indoor Grown
  • 24% THC
  • Sweet, Woody Aroma & Fragrance
  • Ideal for Mood-Boosting, Creativity, Euphoria

Taste & Aroma

As I wrote earlier, Blue Wolf has an earthy, sweet aroma.The scent lingered in the air long after the joint was finished. This classic scent is paired with a light taste of skunky citrus. I really enjoyed the flavor, as it wasn’t overwhelming to my senses.


Blue Wolf is a great sativa strain because it will elevate your mood, deliver that energizing kick you need, and it tastes great! My only complaint is that they don’t have larger size quantities available, because I would love to buy as much as possible so I never run out.

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