Tangie Ghost Train Strain Review

Tangie Ghost Train Strain Review

Tangie Ghost Train is a sativa strain best enjoyed with a group of friends who can join in on a conversation full of creativity and possibilities. Its effects will enhance creativity and make any situation more enjoyable.


Tangie Ghost Train is a stimulating, get up and go strain. Its ability to stimulate the mind and body and create energizing effects make it a great choice for treating depression or anxiety. This strain can be great for stimulating the mind and delivering clear-headed effects. As you smoke, the experience will turn into a euphoric stimulation and an invigorating high. The effects feel like the opposite of a couch-lock effect, and will instead make you want to to use your energy to do something creative.

Tangie Ghost Train

  • Sativa
  • 25.4% THC
  • Ideal For: Depression, Lack Of Appetite, ADD, Minor Pain


Tangie Ghost Train has a distict aroma of sweet pine mixed with lemon and spice.  It has been described as having an orange, earthy flavor, as Tangie is one of its parent strains. It also has a sweet and sour almost tropical flavor that lingers on the tongue. The bright green buds are thick and dense, rich with trichomes and light orange hairs.

May Relieve

This sativa can help improve conditions such as depression, ADD, nausea, and lack of appetite. It may also help with mild pain, such as mensuration cramps.

Adverse Reactions

Tangie Ghost Train haze has a high THC content (25.4%) so this may be too strong for new users. The most widely experienced side effect is dry mouth and dry eyes, which is easily resolved by using eyedrops or drinking water.

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