Cookies & Cream Strain Review

Who is up for a strain review? We know you are. This time, we will take a look at a classic flower that every stoner likes, the Cookies & Creams strain. Make sure to check out our weed deals after reading this post to see today’s sweet offers.

What strain is Cookies & Cream?

The Cookies & Cream strain was developed from crossing the Starfighter and an unidentified Girl Scout Cookie variety.

Is Cookies & Cream an Indica or Sativa?

This flower has been in the hearts of all hybrid lovers since it came out. It’s balanced effects never fail to satisfy. The incredible flavor and potent hybrid effects of this bud earned it the title of Best Hybrid at the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup.

Cookies & Cream Effects

According to All Bud, the Cookies & Cream high provides pleasant, long-lasting effects that are ideal for any hybrid enthusiast. The high begins with a pleasant head lift that is euphoric and creative, with a hint of vigor. This is complemented by a sedative effect that leaves you dazed and blissfully unconscious of any discomfort or anything else going on around you. Cookies & Cream, with it’s high average THC level, is ideal for treating ailments such as chronic stress or anxiety, nausea, sleeplessness, muscle spasms, and depression.

Cookies & Cream THC Level

Marijuana Baba Cookies & Cream comes with a 27.70& THC level to deliver it’s amazing effects.

Cookies & Cream Strain Flavors

Just like the name says, the Cookies & Cream flavor combines the flavors of sweet vanilla, nutty earth, and buttery cookies.

Cookies & Cream Strain Smell

When you light up this bud, you’ll be greeted by a tantalizing scent that combines sweet nuts, earth, and a hint of vanilla.

Cookies & Cream Strain Growing Info

Cookies & Cream loves indoors and gives good yield if taken care of properly. This flower is characterized by fluffy popcorn-shaped dark green nugs with dark purple overtones, flaming orange hairs, and a frosty coating of crystalline crystal trichomes.

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Cookies & Cream Strain Review

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