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Grease Monkey Strain Review & Information

Close up of Grease Monkey strain. This is a potent indica strain.

What strain is Grease Monkey? Grease Monkey is an outcome of perfect weed craftmanship. It’s the prodigy child of Gorilla Glue and Cookies &  Creams strains. Is Grease Monkey an Indica or Sativa? This strong flower is an indica dominant hybrid with some noticeable sativa effects. Grease Monkey THC Level Grease Monkey is a champion […]

Italian Ice Strain Review & Information

italian ice weed strain delivery LA - Kushfly

Italian Ice is another premium strain created to give consumers the best and most balanced high. It is a beautiful cross-breed between the “Gelato 45” and “Forbidden Fruit” strains. Is Italian Ice an Indica or Sativa? Italian Ice is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid with a ratio of %60 Indica and %40 Sativa content. Italian Ice […]

Strawberry Bliss Smalls Strain Review & Information

What strain is Strawberry Bliss Smalls? Strawberry Bliss Smalls is an award-winning strain that is created to fix the Dutch Cheeseberry strain. It is a champion in every way that every cannabis lover should experience it’s high and mouth-filling taste. Is Strawberry Bliss Smalls and Indica or Sativa? This flower is a sativa dominant strain […]

Quick Guide to Nerolidol

What Is Nerolidol? Trans-nerolidol, or nerolidol, is a sesquiterpene. Sesquiterpenes properties are known to excrete a strong smell. Due to it’s unique scent, nerolidol can be found in many aromatic products. Surprisingly, nerolidol also has several therapeutic and cleansing properties. Let’s dive in to this quick guide to learn more about nerolidol. If you have […]

Grape Stomper Strain Review & Information

What is Grape Stomper? Grape Stomper is the perfect morning toke. This sweet and subtle sour grape candy scent is pleasant and comforting. Known for hard-hitting full body energetic effects, Grape Stomper also aids with loss of appetite, anxiety, and depression.   Is Grape Stomper Indica or Sativa? Grape Stomper properties lean toward sativa. This […]