Strawberry Bliss Smalls Strain Review & Information

What strain is Strawberry Bliss Smalls?

Strawberry Bliss Smalls is an award-winning strain that is created to fix the Dutch Cheeseberry strain. It is a champion in every way that every cannabis lover should experience its high and mouth-filling taste.

Is Strawberry Bliss Smalls and Indica or Sativa?

This flower is a sativa dominant strain that has a ratio of  70% sativa and Indica, so it is a good choice if you are planning to be more active during the day.

Strawberry Bliss Smalls Strain Growing Info

Strawberry Bliss Smalls can be conveniently grown both indoors and outdoors. The flowering time takes between 80 and 85 days. Expect to see middle-sized plants good yielding plants. Grown buds have a dense but light green base coated with golden brown fuzzy hairs and dark orange pistils.

Strawberry Bliss Smalls THC Level

The bud’s THC level can be up to 21.9 percent. The CBD content is less than 1%.

Strawberry Bliss Smalls Strain Effects

Strawberry Bliss Smalls is the embodiment of the saying “no bad vibes”. It is a great motivator to get stuff done. The energy and the euphoria this flower provides make every task more enjoyable. It can be good company for your breakfast to have a productive and entertaining day. The flower is a really good option for get-togethers and sharing with your friends. Leave your stress behind after the first couple of strokes. It’s one of the go-to strains for fixing appetite loss as well.

Strawberry Bliss Smalls Strain Flavors

This bud is crafted to make the Dutch Cheeseberry perfect, so expect to taste tangy and creamy cheese flavor with a sweet strawberry taste and notes of spices. You will raise your palate’s standards after your first try of this flower. Strawberry Bliss Smalls is like fine dining in a smokable form. Let the variety of aromas fill your mouth and enjoy.

Strawberry Bliss Smalls Strain Smell

Don’t worry about its cheesy precursor. This flower smells like freshly picked strawberries mixed with a little bit of mint, flower petals, and cotton candy.

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