Grease Monkey Strain Review & Information

What strain is Grease Monkey?

Grease Monkey is an outcome of perfect weed craftmanship. It’s the prodigy child of Gorilla Glue and Cookies &


 Creams strains.

Is Grease Monkey an Indica or Sativa?

This strong flower is an indica dominant hybrid with some noticeable sativa effects.

Grease Monkey Strain Growing Info

It is better to grow Grease Monkey Indoors because temperature and humidity must be on certain levels or else it would ruin the yield. The plants are known for being tall and strong. Trimming during the growing phase is recommended. Flowering time usually takes 8 or 9 weeks. You should be ready for the smell when growing this flower, it is one of those really stinky strains. The smell is not bad but it is really hard to hide. Fully grown buds should be dense and big. The base of the color is forest green coated with trichomes resembling crystal-like texture.

Grease Monkey THC Level

Grease Monkey is a champion in every field. This strain has 25.7% THC content. Use it with caution.

Is Grease Monkey Exotic?

Yes, Grease Monkey is among exotic weeds. It is a rare strain with distinctive effects.

Grease Monkey Strain Effects

Get ready for a serious trip. Grease Monkey High will grasp you suddenly and make you feel an intense euphoric rush that will relax you like nothing else. When the euphoric rush is over you’ll be left with a very sedated state. It’s a perfect flower to consume after an exhausting day. Due to its effects, Grease Monkey also offers a lot of health benefits such as preventing chronic pain, migraines, or headaches as well as insomnia.

Grease Monkey Strain Flavors

Grease Monkey has a unique flavor profile, combining skunky diesel aromas, citrus tones, spicy touches, and creamy vanilla aftertaste.

Grease Monkey Strain Smell

As mentioned earlier, this is a smelly flower. Just opening a small bag would fill the room with a very dense smell that reveals a harmonic combination of earthy, spicy, and sweet scents.

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