Which State Smokes The Most Weed?

Which State Smokes The Most Weed?

Whether we want to admit it or not, everyone has developed stereotypes for people living in different states in America. We can bet that when you think of Californians, you picture a blonde haired guy carrying a surfboard. Texans? How about a cowboy looking fella driving a pickup truck and carrying an America flag? But, when you think of all the states that have legalized marijuana, do you think everyone living there has become a stoner? It’s no surprise that some US states have a higher percentage of weed users than others. California is known throughout the world as a cannabis friendly area, but you might be surprised to learn that they don’t have the highest cannabis usage. Read below to find out which state smokes the most weed and where your state ranks on the top 12 list!

12. California 14.9% Total users: 4,633,00

11. Michigan 15.6% Total users: 1,304,000

10. New Mexico 15.6% total users: 267,000

9. New Hampshire Total users: 194,000

8. Massachusetts 17.6% total users 989,000

7. Rhode Island 18.7% total users 170,000

6. Maine 19.4% Total users 224,000

5. Washington Total users 19.5%

4. Alaska 19.5% Total Users 114,000

3. Vermont 19.8% total users 108,000

2. Oregon 19.9% Total users 646,000

1. Colorado 21.6% total users 909,000

In Colorado, there are over 509 recreational dispensaries and over 700 recreational cultivation sites. To put that into perspective, there are only 107 Walmart retail stores in the state. That means for every one Walmart, there five recreational dispensaries. No wonder this state has the highest percentage of smokers!

As you can see, California does have the highest amount of people who smoke weed, but because of the states huge population, they only accounted for 14.9%.

Were you surprised to find out which state smokes the most weed? Where did your state rank on the list? We’re curious to find out, so leave a comment below!

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