Weed Weddings Are A Thing – And Here’s Why They’re Amazing

Weed Weddings Are A Thing - And Here's Why They're Amazing

Attending a wedding can be much more fun for singles when marijuana is involved. In fact, it’s a lot more fun for everyone involved. That’s why weed weddings are becoming the latest thing in states like California and Colorado where cannabis is legal.

In 2017, the first Cannabis Wedding Expo took place in Denver. Couples who loved cannabis were invited to learn how to safely and creatively incorporate marijuana into their weddings in a tasteful way.

The expo gave couples a ton of cannabis-themed wedding ideas to have fun with. Inspiration included marijuana edibles to serve, examples of hemp-themed decorations and ideas for cannabis wedding favors.

Here are some things you can expect if you are ever invited to attend a weed wedding, or if you’re thinking about throwing one yourself!

Professional Budtenders Handling The Marijuana Bar

At a weed wedding, you can experience an open bar – cannabis style – with a knowledgeable budtender at your service. (Of course, there’s still a regular bartender serving booze).

The budtender will typically stand next to the regular bar and offer up a selection of all different strains of gourmet marijuana. He or she will be educated in all strains and able to help you achieve the type of high you’re looking for.

Cannabis Themed Tables Offering An Array Of Gourmet Marijuana

As you might expect, at a weed wedding, every table is cannabis-themed. The centerpieces are often beautiful bouquets that include bud plants, and each table will have its own personal supply of weed to share and enjoy together. There will usually be a bong or glass pipe to smoke out of at every table as well.

Gourmet Edibles Made By Cannabis Chefs

Experienced cannabis chefs will incorporate some marijuana-infused edible treats as part of the catering service. Since edibles are quite potent, the bride and groom will pre-plan a number of edibles that each guest will receive.

Weed-Friendly Wedding Favors

Custom labeled edibles, weed lollipops, or a mini mason jar containing a few joints can be popular wedding favors at a weed wedding. The best wedding favors are the ones that can get you high later.


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