U.S. Is Leading In Cannabis Research Studies

U.S. Is Leading In Cannabis Research Studies

As cannabis legalization slowly becomes more accepted throughout the world, more countries are studying the plant and how it can be used. Cannabis research is crucial, since the more information we have about cannabis, the more we can take advantage of its benefits.

Studying cannabis will let us know which conditions it works best for and what effects it has on the human body. This knowledge will then benefit the people who want to take advantage of cannabis for medical purposes. Plus, the more we know about cannabis, the easier it will be to get rid of any negative stigma associated with it.

So which countries are studying cannabis and its many benefits? The cannabis platform Growcola compiled a Cannabis Research Index, which is assembled out of 527 clinical studies.

The U.S. is leading when it comes to cannabis research studies. 312 of the 527 studies reported world wide come from within the United States.

Second on the list is Canada, with 45 studies under its belt. The rest of the American continent has carried out only nine more studies.

Europe has done 86 studies, with the U.K. in the lead with 33 investigations. France has 18 and Germany has 16.

The Asian continent has executed a total of 35 studies, with Israel topping the list with 27.

As for Africa and Oceania, only a total of 6 studies have been done.

So, why does the U.S. top the list of cannabis research studies? The United States is home to a multi-billion dollar cannabis industry. Marijuana use is fully legal in 12 states, and decriminalized in 12. This may be the reason behind so many studies being carried out. As we stated earlier, the more we know about cannabis, the more we will be able to disassociate any negative stigmas surrounding the plant. In a country where many people are changing their views about the marijuana, it comes as no surprise that we are leading in cannabis research.

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