Super Glue Review

Super Glue Review

Superglue is a popular way to fix anything that breaks. However, the Super Glue I’m talking about here won’t fix anything, including our minds or bodies. What it will do is provide a great experience, bring us comfort, and possibly glue us to the couch.

Smoke & Effects

It only took a few minutes for Super Glue’s extreme potency to sink in. This intense high was insanely relaxing and I understand why they call it ‘Super Glue’. I was glued to my couch for a while, but after the body high dissipated, I was left with a relatively clear mind and happy feelings. The mental high didn’t come rushing in, but once it did, I did continue to function. I felt euphoric, yet productive. I spent a few hours in a euphoric state of being before smoking a little more and drifting off to sleep. This time, I the couch-lock effect was perfect for me right before bedtime. I felt a mild tingle in my throat when smoking Super Glue, but nothing too crazy, which is amazing since it delivered such potent results.

Super Glue Overview

  • Hybrid
  • Diesel, Citrus Aroma & Fragrance
  • Good For Body Relaxation, Stress Relief, And Sleep Aid

Taste & Aroma

Super Glue has a pungent, diesel scent that is combined with an earthy and woody undertone.  Like its scent, the strong taste is infused with citrus and a mild woody taste. I am describing it almost like lemon scented Pledge, but I promise it tastes delicious!


Super Glue was a great strain for evening use.  I definitely would’t want to smoke it in the morning because of its sedating effects, but I would 100% choose this strain for use before bed.

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