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STNDRD Pod Gods Vape Review

STNDRD Pod Gods Vape Review

It’s not every day that you come across a vape that is smooth enough, potent enough, and sleek enough to call itself a ‘God.’ But if you haven’t tried STNDRD Pod Gods, you clearly don’t understand what all the hype is about. Let’s find out why this new vape has made its way to the top of our list of favorites.

First of all, why choose a vape?

There are many reasons why people reach for a vape instead of good ol’ fashioned cannabis flower. The first, and probably most notable part of vaping, is that vapor doesn’t reek like weed. As opposed to smoking a joint, vaping can very subtle because no one will even notice that you’re vaping cannabis oil. Vapor is also less harsh on your throat than cannabis smoke. You know that deep, heavy cough you experience after taking a bong rip or a long hit? It just simply does not happen with vapes. Vaping also allows you to better control your dosage, so you can get the best possible results whether you are using cannabis medicinally or recreationally.

So, why are STNDRD Pod Gods so amazing?

STNDRD Pod Gods take vaping to the next level. You see, there are all different kinds of vape cartridges on the market. Most are 510 thread (the long, skinny vapes that you’re probably familiar with). Those types of vapes fit on all 510 thread batteries, and they’re good. But Pod Gods are more than good, they’re amazing. Pod Gods work together with STNDRD batteries that were specifically made for each other. Instead of mixing and matching between different batteries, STNDRD created a unique battery and cartridge that exclusively work together to produce clean, smooth vapor.

The STNDRD Pod God Advanced Kit comes with a battery, charger, and 1g of cannabis oil. Talk about convenience! And, did we mention that the oil is over 90% THC? The cartridge has a special pathway that preserves the pure flavor of the vapor so it doesn’t get stuck inside and you can enjoy the premium, light flavors. It’s designed perfectly so that you can get the right amount of airflow for a pleasant hit and some major clouds. The vape is a perfect small size that you can fit in your pocket for easy transportation.

What type of oil is in Pod Gods?

STNDRD Pod Gods Vape Review

The oil in Pod Gods is nothing short of amazing. As we stated earlier, the oil comes in at a whopping 92% THC, making it some of the strongest oil on the market! Pod Gods are available in a few different options including:

Strawnana is a hybrid oil that is perfect for daytime or evening use. This sweet oil has euphoric effects that will instantly relax every muscle in your body. A few hits of Strawnana and you will notice that your mood has been altered into a calm, happy state. This strain is ideal for people who are looking for relief from stress, anxiety, or mood swings.


Northern Lights is an indica cannabis oil that is better suited for evening use. Enjoy the relaxing, sedating effects that come on quickly and strongly. If you are suffering from insomnia, Northern Lights is an excellent choice of oil for you. This potent strain will leave you feeling sleepy, ready for a good night’s rest.

XJ-13 is a sativa oil that is ideal for morning or daytime use. This uplifting strain delivers a jolt of energy that will kickstart your day and keep you focused. A few puffs of XJ-13 and you’ll instantly feel the buzz that starts in your head and makes its way down through your limbs, eventually settling in for a long-lasting high. This is a great strain for people suffering from lethargy, lack of motivation, and depression.

Final thoughts

So here are our final thoughts on STNDRD Pod Gods. The all-in-one STNDRD Pod Gods Advanced Kit is perfect for vape enthusiasts. The kit makes it easy to get everything you need for the ultimate vaping experience. The battery is light-weight, easy to charge, sleek, and heats the oil to the ideal temperature to get a nice, smooth burn.

The Pod Gods contain top-shelf, potent cannabis oil that’s available in sativa, hybrid, or indica options. These options make it easy to choose which one is best suited to your particular smoking habits. There is an option for morning, afternoon, or evening smokers, or all three! STNDRD Pod Gods live up to the name. We had a great experience with them, and we can’t wait for you to try them!


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