Patron OG Review

I’ve been looking for a strain to fall in love with. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s been hard lately to find a strain that I really vibe with. I had little knowledge of Patron Tequila (except a horrible hangover on New Years Eve), let alone Patron OG. Given my past experience of Patron, I was intrigued and skeptical of this new Hybrid from LA Weeds. Patron OG exceeded my expectations by miles. It’s spicy, uplifting, and relaxing all in one.

Patron OG Review
Patron OG is spicy, uplifting, and relaxing all in one.

Is Patron OG a sativa or indica?

  • Indoor Hybrid Strain Grown by LA Weeds

  • Spicy, Sweet, Pungent Aroma

  • Uplifting, Cerebral, & Relaxing High

What are the effects of Patron OG?

Patron OG is a really interesting strain because it is exactly how people think hybrids should be. It delivered a perfect mix of an uplifting, happy high mixed with relaxation that I really was looking for. It gave me a serious case of the giggles that lasted for quite some time. I was in such a great mood after smoking, and it gave me enough energy to go about my day as I normally do. It really opened me up to conversation as well. I was very chatty after smoking, something that is new for me. Usually after smoking, I like to be in my own world, but that wasn’t the case this time.

Patron OG Review
This is a great strain for social gatherings.

What does this strain taste like?

If you take your Patron with a lime, you’ll love the taste of Patron OG. This hybrid has a sweet and spicy flavor that lingers on the tongue. I loved the flavor and I thought it tasted almost like a lime lollipop.

Overall opinion

Patron OG is a great social strain to bring along to a party or hangout. If you’re looking for a hybrid that is cut right in the middle, Patron OG is your new BFF.

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Patron OG Review

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