Care By Design Vape Review

Care By Design Vape Review

Care By Design offers a variety of CBD rich products. Their CBD cartridges work with a standard vape pen and 510 thread battery. These cartridges are ideal for quick relief.

Care By Design Vapes are good for daytime use, for people that are new to cannabis, and for those looking to avoid any psychoactive effects.

CBD:THC Options Available:




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Each pre-filled cartridge contains a full 0.5g of CBD and THC oil, enough for approximately 120 hits. One of our favorite features of the Care By Design vape is that it uses up each drop of oil, unlike some other brands that leave a frustrating quantity of residue inside.

Vape Performance

Care By Design vape cartridges are extremely easy to use. Just attach the cartridge with a 510 ribbon battery and go! Batteries are available here. The battery life is actually excellent and you get loads of juice from each charge.

The batteries have adjustable settings, along with the cartridges can manage up to 5 volts. But you should be wary of turning your vape up too high as you risk burning the focus and destroying the capsule. For many people, 3 volts should be enough to find some satisfying clouds and fantastic flavor.

Like the remainder of the vape, the brass mouthpiece is well-designed and fits snugly between your lips to reduce wastage.


I love that Care By Design comes in different CBD:THC options, each suitable for your individual needs.

Care By Design: The Verdict

The vape has a great deal going for it. This is a great choice for those looking for natural pain relief or a product with a calming effect.

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