How Topical Marijuana Can Save Your Skin (And Hair, And Body)

How Topical Marijuana Can Save Your Skin (And Hair, And Body)

Everyday, new studies are showing how topical marijuana and CBD are beneficial to the body. The plant that was illegal just a few years ago, is now being praised for its many benefits including..

  • Pain relief
  • Anxiety relief
  • Alleviating cancer related symptoms
  • Reducing acne
  • Heart health
  • Preventing diabetes

Cannabidiol or CBD, is the chemical compound that comprises most of the marijuana plant you perhaps know and also love. CBD accounts for the soothing, buoyant, good-vibes effects of marijuana. It’s the counterpart to THC, the compound which accounts for the Pink Floyd laser show in your head. But did you know that topical CBD, applied like any other lotion, can be a powerful anti-inflammatory, which is good for you both cosmetically and on the muscular level?

The benefits of CBD can vary depending on which products you use and which parts of the body they are applied. We have written a guide for you to familiarize yourself with a few products that you may like to try.


The Body

Select 60mg CBD Patch

Select CBD Patch can be easily applied to any part of the body where you need pain relief. The most popular places are the back and neck, where pain is most often found. This CBD patch is similar to an Icy-Hot patch, but does not contain any harsh chemicals that you can’t pronounce.



Naked 100 CBD Tincture Unflavored

Who doesn’t love shiny, healthy hair? Oils are beneficial to the hair for many reasons, but when adding CBD oil to the hair, the benefits are countless. CBD has been known to add shine and increase keratin volume to the strands. Add a few drops of Naked 100 CBD to your hair routine and get ready for the hair of your dreams.



Select CBD Muscle Rub

Get a muscle rub that works as hard as you do. The purest hemp-derived CBD you’ve come to know and love from Select products, now formulated with Aloe, Vitamin E, Tea Tree oil, Menthol and more – the result is a highly concentrated, readily absorbed topical cream that’s the ideal addition to any wellness routine.


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