How To Tell Good Weed From Bad Weed

In a perfect world, top-quality marijuana would be growing in abundance and we would all be able to smoke our favorite strains. Sadly, this is not reality and there are some pretty sub-par flowers out there. But, how can you tell good weed from bad weed? There are many ways to make sure you’re getting top-quality cannabis every time.

In states where cannabis is legal to purchase, finding good weed is an easy task. Every shop is in competition with another, so they’re stocking their shelves with the best quality cannabis possible. However, in places where cannabis still isn’t legal to purchase, separating the good from the bad can get a little tricky.

How To Tell Good Weed From Bad Weed

How To Tell Good Weed From Bad Weed

Luckily, we’re here to show you how to tell good weed from bad weed in a few easy steps. Read below to find out how to always make sure you’re purchasing top-shelf weed!

Tip 1: Check The Stem & Seed Content

Good quality cannabis should be composed of mostly smokable buds. If your weed has tons of seeds and sticks in it, unfortunately, that’s not a great sign. Stems are basically pointless and won’t help you to feel high at all. Unless you’re getting this weed for an extremely low price, try to avoid weed with visible stems and seeds in it.

Look at the flower and see if there are a lot of stems and seeds mixed in. If you have a large nug, having a stem on the nug is normal. But if there are small nugs with broken stems and seeds mixed in, this is a sign of low-quality weed. Imagine paying $50 for an 8th, only to find out that half of it is non-smokeable!

Tip 2: Notice The Taste & Aroma

Try to look for weed that has a potent ‘marijuana musk’, as this is an indication that they are fresh and have a great terpene count. Sub-par weed will have little to no smell, and probably little to no THC content.

Weed that has been dried and cured correctly has an unbelievably delicious aroma and flavor of musk. Bad weed will have little to no smell or might smell like something totally unrelated to cannabis.

How To Tell Good Weed From Bad Weed

Tip 3: Check The Trichome Count

You may need to grab a magnifying glass for this step, but we promise it will be worth it. If you’re not familiar with trichomes, they are the part of the plant that stores the terpenes and cannabinoids that provide the smell and taste. Most importantly, they’re responsible for the high or medicinal benefit of the flower.

Good quality cannabis will look almost sparkly. Those little sparkles are called trichomes, and they contain an abundance of THC. You’ll notice that a more expensive cannabis flower has more trichomes on it, and for good reason. The more trichomes are on the bud, the more potent it is and the higher you will get. Subpar weed will look dull and you might have a hard time locating any trichomes on it. This is a sign that the weed isn’t very strong.

Tip 4: Notice The Color of The Bud

Color is one of the most interesting things about cannabis nugs. Good weed has beautiful bright colors that can range from green to a purple hue. The brighter the colors, the more healthy the cannabis plant is. Lower quality cannabis will usually just have one color, and most times it will look light green to a dull brown.

Tip 5: Know Your Shelves

There is a reason why good weed is known as ‘top shelf.’ This is because similar to how bars stock their shelves with higher quality alcohol towards the top, dispensaries also stock their shelves with a system. The cannabis on the upper shelf is always the best quality, hence the name ‘top shelf.’ Buying weed from the top shelf is an easy trick to making sure you’re buying quality flower.

How To Tell Good Weed From Bad Weed

How To Tell Good Weed From Bad Weed: A Quick Overview

Good Weed

  • Marijuana you find on the top or middle shelves.
  • Typically has a healthy green color with a wide array of stunning hues and undertones.
  • A ‘fresh’ scent with different aromas depending on the strain.
  • Comprised mainly of buds and covered with glistening trichomes.
  • Sativa strains will have a fluffy structure, while indica strains are tight and dense.
  • Hand-trimmed to preserve buds and terpenes.

Bad Weed

  • Often brown, tan, red, white, or yellow in color.
  • A stale scent or no smell at all. If it smells ‘gone off,’ avoid!
  • Contains a noticeable quantity of seeds and stems.
  • Loose open structure and visible stems.
  • Has a mangled look as if it was damaged by a machine.



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How To Tell Good Weed From Bad Weed

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