Heavy Hitters Vape Cartridges Review

Heavy Hitters is a brand of high-end vape cartridges and concentrates known as”The Peoples Choice”. They’re regarded as some of the strongest vapes on the cannabis market and have been in the inventory of pretty much every cannabis dispensary I visit that carries cannabis vape cartridges. After some careful consideration, here is my Heavy Hitters Vape Cartridges Review.

Not everybody who appreciates the great effects of cannabis wants to smoke cannabis flowers. I know some consumers who love the benefits that they receive from cannabis but hate having pieces of weed and ashes everywhere or even coughing their lungs up with blunts or bongs.

Heavy Hitters Vape Cartridge Review
Heavy Hitters offers different strains of premium cannabis oil.

Why Use Vape Cartridges?

For some; the go-to solution was eating edibles. Powerful and easy to create at home, but the onset of effects has been a problem for those suffering from chronic pain issues may be unable to eat cannabis as it may upset their stomach. What is the solution? Legal cannabis has brought with it an onslaught of new technology in the cannabis market. Therefore creative solutions have been offered to the problem mentioned previously and one of the most popular approaches is disposable cannabis oil vape cartridges that are then attached to some reusable standard 510 connection battery pens. These vape cartridges come pre-filled with .5/1g of cannabis oil that are heated by an internal heating element in the cartridge known as a coil to produce a light vapor void from the harsh substances of smoking.

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Heavy Hitters Vape Cartridges Review

I will praise the Purple Punch and Pineapple Express due to their effectiveness as noticeable and immediate effects are produced by both strains. I would never advise driving on any medication but that is definitely one I would HIGHLY recommend you DO NOT operate any vehicle on. Especially since the vape’s effects have a tendency to creep up on you. 1 or 2 puffs is sufficient to generate an adequate buzz to get a minimal tolerance consumer. I’d consider a puff from these vapes the same as taking a light dab and since the vapor from these types of cartridges is really pretty flavorful you have to watch out because, like me, you may end up carrying a couple of added hits only for the flavor. Because the contents of these cartridges didn’t have a solvent taste I’ve experienced the taste is especially good for Heavy Hitters. There was a ton left in the tank and I spent over a week to finish the whole cartridge. As I consider myself a high tolerance user, to me, this was impressive. The health care value those things have as you would persist for quite a while to a light/medium user really amazed me.

Note: Although I believe most cannabis vapes feel a bit underpowered to what nicotine vapors are utilizing. The Heavy Hitters cartridge generates a reasonable enough sized cloud with its 4.0 Volt coil. However, we did have trouble with a few of the electronics being somewhat spotty, which could have been an isolated event. I would like to see a cartridge that’s able to last on a real mod since it will allow for applications.

Heavy Hitters Vape Cartridge Review
Heavy Hitters vape cartridge review.

What I liked;

-High Potency Wax
-Long Cartridge Life, even with usage

What could be improved;

-Low coil wattage (4.0V) leads to compatibility issues using anything except low ion pens
-Pen electronics

My overall Heavy Hitters vape cartridges review: I tried Purple Punch and Pineapple Express cartridges. The first thing I noticed on both of them is their packaging. I also like how I can tell the oil in the cart is VERY clear and intense. The viscosity of this oil means you need to handle it a little more carefully. The best solution for a clogged cartridge is to heat up the glass part of the cartridge for 5 seconds, then pull a decent puff right afterward.

“Heavy Hitters stays true to their brand name with an extremely potent and tasty distillate cannabis oil.” Its long life makes it good for so many distinct kinds of consumers.

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