Enjoy This Stoner Music For The Weekend

Enjoy This Stoner Music For The Weekend

We’re back with another awesome track to pump up your weekend! If you enjoyed last week’s pick of stoner music for the weekend, then you’re gonna love this one too! Once again, grab some weed, put your dancing shoes on, and have some fun with this LoFi House Mix!

Where did house music originate?

The name ‘house music’ originated from a Chicago club called ‘The Warehouse’, which was in existence from 1977-1983. Club goers were primarily African-American, and they came to dance to the music played by the club’s resident DJ Frankie Knuckles. Fans refer to him as ‘the godfather of house.’ Frankie came up with the idea to splice together different records when he realized that the records he has weren’t long enough to satisfy his audience.

What strains to pair with house stoner music

Since house music has such an upbeat rhythm, pairing it with sativa strains are ideal. Sativas will give you the energy you need to dance all night long! And hey – you don’t have to go out to a club to have fun! Put this track on, and dance in your living room, kitchen, or any other place with a dance floor!

Mac 1

Mac 1 is a unique strain that is loved for its uplifting and energizing sativa effects. This beautiful flower is packed with a spicy, citrus scent and smooth, creamy flavors. It’s an ideal strain for smoking in the morning or afternoon, as it delivers a burst of energizing euphoria.

Candy Apple

Candy Apple is a rare sativa strain, loved by so many. This bud packs a super sweet vanilla creamy flavor with a sharp hint of sour apple upon exhale. The Candy Apple high is absolutely perfect for a day packed full of outdoors activities, with energizing effects that last for hours on end.

Strawberry Bliss

If you love sweet flavors and uplifting energy, Strawberry Bliss is just what you need. This sativa has a fruity strawberry taste mixed with savory creamy cheese and a touch of spice. After just a few hits of this sativa, you’ll feel euphoric and lifted with a sense of happiness that pushes away any negative thoughts or feelings.


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