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Cannabis & California Wildfires

With wildfires still raging in Northern California, cannabis farmers in the area, who were in the middle of harvesting season, are suffering huge losses.

Northern counties are contributors to the state’s burgeoning cannabis industry, according to the San Francisco, California Chronicle, there are 3,000 to 9,000 cannabis gardens in Sonoma County alone. This is going to leave a deep scar, stated Hezekiah Allen, Executive Director of the California Growers Association. Losses of income are likely to be in millions of dollars. This devastation comes in already a difficult time for cannabis industry businesses invested thousands of dollars in store space to receive licensing under Proposition 64.

In just a few hours, these warehouses moved up in smoke. To make things worse cannabis farmers can’t get the standard harvest or fire protection, and coverage that is available is costly and offers protections. Additionally, crops subjected to fire are inclined to develop a sour taste that is undesirable, they are also more susceptible to diseases from insects and fungi. Industry representatives say they will not know the extent of the harm till the close of the growing season, that is the end of October. Folks are outside their entire life savings. There’s no crop insurance, there’s no FEMA help coming to our growers.

With cannabis at the national level, community assistance is the key to recovery for farmers. Allen has started a relief effort to assist cannabis growers to recuperate by next spring. In the meantime, many organizations are currently calling for volunteers to assist with relief efforts that are overall. Donations are welcome, although check-in first to see what’s desired.

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