Can You Fail A Drug Test By Ingesting Hemp Derived CBD?

Can You Fail A Drug Test By Ingesting Hemp Derived CBD?

By this time, you have probably heard of cannabidiol (CBD), the unbelievable chemical in the cannabis plant that offers relief from pain, stress and much more without producing a high like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can. CBD is deemed secure, nonintoxicating and without potential for misuse, so it greatly benefits people looking to use cannabis’s healing powers with no mind-altering consequences.

CBD is also easy to access since your able to extract it out of hemp, which is not as strictly controlled as recreational or medical cannabis.

With all these advantages, you may believe you might never get in trouble for carrying CBD.

Is There THC in Hemp CBD Products?

To understand the issue with drug testing and CBD, you first must grasp how the government defines cannabis and hemp. Hemp and cannabis are various varieties of the same type of plant, and both may create CBD, THC and over 400 other organic chemicals. While cannabis cultivators center on maximizing the creation of the therapeutic compounds, hemp farmers’ most important concern is the creation of hemp fiber, which companies subsequently use for industrial purposes such as making fabrics or paper.

Since the government is primarily concerned with regulating THC, the highly carcinogenic compound in the plant, they differentiate between hemp and cannabis based on how much THC is present. Anything over 0.3 percent THC is considered cannabis and falls under much stricter rules.

Many think that hemp-derived CBD products will not have any THC in them. But in reality, the majority of hemp products do include at least a small amount of THC. Since drug tests are looking for THC, it is an important distinction to know.

How Cannabis Drug Tests Work

There are a couple different ways to test for cannabis, but all of them search for the presence of THC. To determine whether there’s been some exposure to THC, the screening may analyze:

  • Blood
  • Saliva
  • Hair
  • Urine
  • Breath
  • Sweat
  • Fingernails

In blood tests, doctors can look for THC in the blood directly. Hours or up to one day after consuming cannabis, THC levels will likely be temporarily elevated–and will probably appear in your own blood.

But even after these levels go back down to normal, testers can nevertheless search for the metabolite, THC-COOH. A metabolite is a chemical that your body makes from the process of metabolizing something.

Urine tests are probably the most popular choice for drug testing, and these look for THC-COOH. Still, it is not completely clear how long these metabolites stay detectable in your physique.

Research has demonstrated high variability from person to person in regards to this. Estimates have been anywhere from three to 40 days for the metabolites in the urine to totally clear someone’s system. The reason for this wide range is the variability in people’s cannabis intake and metabolism.

Those people who have been taking cannabis for a longer time or folks who take higher doses, may find it takes longer to the metabolites to leave there body. Some people could also be naturally quicker or slower when it comes to this procedure, therefore it is notoriously hard to predict.

Hair tests have the most rapid window for discovery, together with the capability to find metabolites up to 90 days following consumption.

Can You Fail a Drug Test After Taking Just CBD?

Drug tests only search for THC, not CBD. So, CBD consumers might think they don’t have anything to worry about. But while none of those tests look for CBD directly, it could be possible (although unlikely) for tests to discover the THC in your CBD products and lead to a failed evaluation.

In fact, that has already begun to happen. A woman from Atlanta says she missing a job opportunity because a pre-employment drug evaluation showed THC in her system. She says she has never consumed cannabis, other than a doctor-recommended CBD oil.

But since CBD oil can contain trace amounts of THC, if obtained in big enough dosages these small amounts can start to add up. For those taking large doses, such as 1,000 mg or more of CBD on a daily basis, they may be consuming a significant quantity of THC before realizing it and it could be enough to fail a drug test.

And don’t mistake that utilizing CBD topically will help you avoid this problem. One study also appeared at other CBD programs like using hemp oil products on skin and hair. In this study, simply applying hemp CBD oil into a person’s hair can cause them to neglect a hair test for THC. Therefore, while both topical and ingestible CBD is widely available, depending on how it’s utilized either kind could contain enough THC to activate a positive test result.

To make matters more complex, hemp is just qualified for industrial uses–less a food product–so it is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) how most products which we ingest are. No one’s checking to determine if these products’ maintains and dosing guidelines are true. It’s likely that a hemp-derived merchandise has more THC than is strictly legal .

Without regulation in the FDA, there is no telling what is in that arbitrary jar of CBD oil that you picked up in the convenience store. It may only be vegetable oil without anything else inside; it may have an excessive amount of THC to be considered hemp; or it can be something more dangerous.

In Utah, a thing marketed as CBD oil poisoned over 50 individuals . In reality, it did not contain any CBD but rather a dangerous synthetic cannabinoid called “spice.” This is the reason it’s essential to be certain to purchase CBD from a respectable brand that laboratory tests there merchandise.

What To Watch Out For When Buying Hemp CBD Oil

So, CBD can make you fail a drug test, but it is unlikely. Positive tests for THC are rare with CBD customers, particularly when the CBD isn’t taken in high doses. Nonetheless, it’s possible–and could be more likely for those with slower metabolisms.

For folks subject to drug testing, a failed evaluation is a real threat to know about. Still, for most CBD customers this will never pose a problem since they simply aren’t consuming sufficient CBD to activate a positive THC result.

To reduce your risk of a failed drug test, target for reduced doses of CBD and go with lab-tested products so you understand exactly what your putting in your body. Plenty of companies are rushing to place CBD on the counter, however the gas station or corner store is not the best place to go for this.

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