Afghan Kush Strain Review & Information

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This time, we’ll examine the well-known Afghan Kush. Let’s find out if this is the ideal bud for you.

What strain is Afghan Kush?

Afghan Kush, often known as “Afghan OG,” is a popular strain that originated in the Hindu Kush mountain region.

Is Afghan Kush an Indica or Sativa?

Afghan Kush is an indica domanant hybrid strain. This marijuana strain is noted for its traditional indica body effects.

Afghan Kush Strain Effects

Afghan Kush is said to influence the users’ bodies more than their minds, causing deep relaxation. Because of these side effects, insomnia patients frequently use this as a bedtime drug. Stress, anxiety, anorexia, insomnia, and chronic pain can all benefit from this medical strain.

Afghan Kush THC Level

Afghan Kush is a great strain for novice smokers due to its not-so-extreme 24.1% THC content. It also comes with a satisfying THC level.

Afghan Kush Strain Flavors

The aroma and flavor of Afghan Kush smoking are overwhelmingly sweet hash. It smells really similar to it.

Afghan Kush Strain Smell

This medical marijuana strain’s smell is similar to a mango orange farm with a hint of funk.

Afghan Kush Growing

This cannabis strain flowers in around 7-8 weeks, which is quite quick, with indoor yields averaging around 16 ounces per square meter of crops and outdoor yields averaging around 21 ounces per plant. Countless red or dark orange-colored hairs cover the buds.

You can order Afghan Kush from Kushfly 7 days a week in weight options of 3.5g, 7g & 14.

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