10 Most Popular Strains of California 2022

Why Does Weed Make Everything Funny?

We made a list of the most popular strains of California in 2022. Can you spot your favorite?


Temptation weed delivery in Los Angeles

Temptation has an aroma that smells like diesel and it will be the perfect choice for those who want to relax at home after work or school, but don’t have anything planned – this one’s gonna put you in your feelings! Not to mention it’s crushing 30.30% THC content.


Runtz Weed Delivery in Los Angeles

Runtz is just as amazing as you’d expect! This beautiful flower contains the best attributes from both of it’s parent strains. With potent effects, Runtz delivers a heavy-headed euphoria coupled with relaxing body effects. Users can enjoy smooth vanilla flavors and a fruity aftertaste. The THC content is 26.6%.

3.Gumbo Pow

Gumbo Pow weed delivery in Los Angeles

Gumbo Pow is an indica-dominant strain called after the flavor of bubble gum. The buds are light green in hue and coated in crystals. They’re also quite chilly, making them attractive to any cannabis user. It goes without saying that it is one of the few cannabis strains with a very pleasant aroma. With bubble gum undertones, the flavor is strong, sweet, and hashy.The THC content is 29.4%.

4.Zkittlez Smalls

Zkittlez weed delivery in Los Angeles

Marijuana Baba Zkittlez Smalls is a strain that is known for it’s sweet, aromatic flavor and mellow, relaxing effects. The THC content is 26.7%.

5.Miracle Alien Cookies

Miracle Alien Cookies weed delivery in Los Angeles

Miracle Alien Cookies delivers an ideal blend of both focusing and energizing qualities, perfect for enjoying in the daytime. Most people who smoke it report feelings of happiness, creativity, focusing, and euphoria.The THC content is 29.2%

6.Alien Gushers

Alien Gushers weed delivery in Los Angeles

Alien Gushers earns it’s name from it’s fruity combination of sour and sweet. Whether you’re looking to relax after a stressful day or hoping to soothe chronic pain, this Indica strain is sure to hit the spot. This beautiful flower is highly potent, and the higher levels of THC deliver the relaxing and sedating effects you need. This strain has a 29.4% THC content

7.Rainbow Sherbert Smalls

Rainbow Sherbert weed delivery in Los Angeles

When smoked, Marijuana Baba Rainbow Sherbert Smalls will provide a chilled-out feeling, but also allow the smoker to remain focused and creative..It comes with a high THC ratio of 26.3%.

8.Cookies N Cream

Cookies And Cream weed delivery in Los Angeles

Cookies N Cream is a perfect strain for social gatherings as it delivers a euphoric body buzz and energy. This hybrid has a sweet taste and aroma and will leave you wanting more. LA Weeds Cookies N Cream comes with a 28.70% THC level to deliver it’s amazing effects.

9.Gastro Pop

Gastro Pop weed delivery in Los Angeles

Gastro Pop’s lineage produces an effect that’s more cerebral than body-heavy, making it a good choice for pain relief without couchlock. Gastro Pop is also great for social situations, easing anxiety and sparking laughter.Not to mention it’s crushing 32.3% THC content.

10.Biscotti OG

Biscotti Og weed delivery in Los Angeles

Marijuana Baba Biscotti OG is known as a happy strain, so expect to feel light, giddy, and social.It leaves more physical calming effects rather than cerebral. Both strains encourage positive relaxation. Kushfly delivers a Biscotti OG strain at a 25.4% THC level.

10 Most Popular Strains of California 2022

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