Miracle Alien Cookies

Miracle Alien Cookies delivers an ideal blend of both focusing and energizing qualities, perfect for enjoying in the daytime. Most people who smoke it report feelings of happiness, creativity, focusing, and euphoria.

THC: 30.80%

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Miracle Alien Cookies from Los Exotics

Kushfly delivers a curated selection of concentrates, flowers, edibles, and brands for Adult-Use in Los Angeles. You can order online Miracle Alien Cookies  and have it delivered to your door in Hollywood, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Studio City, Burbank, and most cities in Los Angeles. Simply order online, via text, or give us a call! Delivery to most cities in LA takes under 1 hour. You will receive a tracking link with live delivery updates and ETAs.

What are the effects of Miracle Alien Cookies?

This hybrid flower has a 30.80% THC percentage, making it a potent strain. It delivers an ideal blend of both focusing and energizing qualities, perfect for enjoying in the daytime. Most people who smoke Miracle Alien Cookies report feelings of happiness, creativity, focusing, and euphoria.

It also has some medicinal qualities like relief from depression, chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. Cancer patients and those with eating disorders often turn to a strain such as Miracle Alien Cookies to help stimulate appetite. Some side effects include dry mouth and red eyes, which are common side effects of most cannabis strains. This strain has a low chance of causing paranoia or anxiety.

Why buy Miracle Alien Cookies ?

There are a ton of cannabis flowers, so why do so many people choose it?

Good Looks

The buds of Miracle Alien Cookies  have a beautiful sage green color with rich trichomes glistening atop.

Wonderful Aroma

With a floral and earthy aroma, the scent of this hybrid is a true delight. Expect a dank, musky smell with sour citrus notes as well.

Delicious Flavor

Miracle Alien Cookies has a tasty flavor of zesty oranges, floral, and pine.

Sought-After Qualities

This hybrid has qualities that deliver a strong body buzz while keeping the mind focused and creative. Miracle Alien Cookies is a great choice for everyday smokers, due to it’s high THC percentage and potent effects.

Who Are Los Exotics?

Los Exotics is proud to offer the best cannabis on the market today. Los Exotics stands behind there top-quality strains. There team works hard to bring you the best weed in Los Angeles. When your looking to buy weed online, Los Exotics never disappoints. Choose from a vast array of exotic and unique cannabis strains to suit your needs. Miracle Alien Cookies strain delivery in Los Angeles

 If you are in LA and would like to order marijuana flowerCBDedibles, or vapes and concentrates for deliveryregister with Kushfly here. Check out our DEALS! And ask us how you can get FREE delivery!

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7 reviews for Miracle Alien Cookies

  1. Missy K (verified owner)

    Wow! This is a fantastic hybrid! One of the best flowers I’ve tried in a while. First off, it smells amazing! Second, it really does give a euphoric feeling. I felt like my anxiety melted away after taking just one hit of this. This strain helped me relax, but did not make me want to fall asleep. I would definitely recommend this strain to anyone dealing with anxiety. I will for sure be coming back to buy more of this flower!

  2. Yessica (verified owner)

    Miracle Alien Cookies. The name itself made me very intrigued at first. I took one hit and there it was.. aliens! The smell itself felt like it got me high already. Los Exotics has the most exotic flowers. Kushfly has been bringing their A game when it comes to flowers. Im super excited to try all the other strains they have available!

  3. Alex R.

    Beautiful flower. Very therapeutic, totally melted away my stress in my neck and shoulders. But my mind was still sharp and creative. I didn’t need much, puff puff wait 20 minutes, repeat..

  4. Katherine Biggs (verified owner)

    Miracle Alien Cookies delivers a euphoric, relaxing high with a sweet and earthy flavor profile. Its potent effects and calming vibes make it a top-tier choice for both recreational and medicinal users. A must-try strain!

  5. ghadahat (verified owner)

    You will never be disappointed with
    MAC! I love squishing these buds. It makes a beautiful Gold Rosin that kicks
    Your Ass!!!

  6. Lallie Anona

    Jumping into Miracle Alien Cookies was like landing in an intergalactic flavor party! Those otherworldly light purple buds were like little wonders from space. Feeling all zen and blissed out was a trip. And that unique scent? It was like a cosmic breeze. Seriously, whether I needed to relax or go on a spacey adventure, Miracle Alien Cookies was like a taste of the extraterrestrial good vibes!

  7. Shlomi Turgeman (verified owner)

    This been my favorite so far.
    Flavor is great, it’s smooth, and great feeling overall

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