What are the Benefits & Effects of Smoking CBD?

What is CBD? THC vs. CBD:

Cannabis is a genus of plants that include both hemp and marijuana. CBD (cannabidiol) stems from the hemp plant, which is the closest relative to the marijuana plant. Marijuana contains a dominant trace of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and is the chemical responsible for psychological effects. 

Does CBD Make You High?

Unlike THC, CBD does not contain any ingredients that can cause psychoactive or “high” feelings such as euphoria, paranoia, lack of motivation, or increased appetite. CBD helps with pain and anxiety, reduces inflammation, and manages sleep disorders. CBD is non-intoxicating and helps alleviate symptoms so you can resume daily activities.

Can You Smoke CBD?

Yes, you absolutely can smoke CBD!  In fact, in order to receive the benefits most rapidly, smoking CBD is recommended. In order to determine if smoking CBD is for you, let us explore some more.

Benefits of Smokable CBD 

A Quicker Calm

Inhaling CBD allows you to experience benefits the quickest way, as smoking increases the rate of travel to your bloodstream. Other options such as edibles and oils, are not nearly as fast acting as smokable CBD. Since the focus of CBD is to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, decrease stress, and help sleep disorders, feeling results within 10 minutes is ideal.

Surprising Health Improvements

Chronic inflammation can lead to insulin resistance. Since CBD helps reduce inflammation, it can help with symptoms of many health conditions that can be improved through minimizing insulin resistance. Some examples of conditions that can be improved through the use of CBD are: PCOS, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, heart disease, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. In some cases, like with PCOS, reducing inflammation and insulin resistance can help reverse PCOS symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, acne, irregular and painful cycles, and more. 

Natural Choice

If you enjoy smoking, you might enjoy CBD flowers as they give you the experience of the fresh hemp plant pre-roll, all with no additives. Alternatively, you can use CBD flowers to make your own natural calming tea. In addition to CBD flowers being a more organic choice, did you know they are generally less expensive? Finally, an organic purchase that actually decreases your spending! 

What are the Effects of CBD Flowers?

CBD hemp flowers look, taste, and smell very similar to marijuana due to their botanical compounds called terpenes. Even though CBD flower buds are known to contain a small amount of THC (less than 0.3%), they still result in non-psychoactive results and do so without breaking the bank or federal law. They are grown to quickly produce both medicinal and therapeutic effects and due to the elevated levels of CBD, a high cannot be achieved. CBD flowers work faster than CBD oil (even if smoked or vaped) as smoking allows immediate full lung absorption. 

What are the Effects of CBD Oil?

CBD oils extracted from the marijuana plant remove cannabidiol by avoiding any trace of THC. Users of CBD oil typically enjoy it because of its limited and natural ingredients. Although the exact amounts of “hemp extracts”may not always be able to be identified with CBD oil, packaging does outline main ingredients and provide instructions for use. This allows a more catered experience in which you can measure your dose to suit your individual needs. CBD flowers on the other hand have inconsistent proportions, requiring users to thoughtfully experiment with their dosage. Although orally ingested CBD oil is more catered, it does take a longer time to enter the bloodstream than CBD flowers, slowing the rate of absorption and potential positive effects. CBD oil can also relieve muscle aches and when applied topically, it avoids entrance to the bloodstream.

Is Smoking CBD Bad for You?

Are you trying to wean cigarette use? Are you trying to relax, without paranoia? If so, smoking CBD might be the right choice for you. It can cut nicotine cravings in half due to its calming and non-addictive properties. Having an excessive amount of CBD for certain individuals who are sensitive, may have a sedative effect. If CBD oil makes users drowsy, take necessary safety precautions such as avoiding driving or operating machinery. Possible adverse effects also include decreased blood pressure, dry mouth, and lightheadedness. Talk to your medical professional about potential side effects while you make your decision. 

Is CBD Right For You?

Since CBD offers you the ability to resume daily activities with decreased anxiety, reduced inflammation (and accompanying symptoms), pain relief, and more regulated sleep patterns, it might be the perfect balance you need in order to achieve a zen effect without feeling lethargic. After weighing the pros and cons, be sure to check out your CBD options available for delivery.


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