Weed Restaurants in Los Angeles

Dining and weed are started to go hand to hand across the country as well as LA for a while. There are really good names that do this job properly, giving the best food and the experience. If you are new to edibles and weed dining, this is your beginners’ guide. Let’s clear up some question marks first.

Are weed restaurants legal in LA?

Yes, They are legal in LA. Since recreational use is legal now, some restaurants can operate as weed restaurants as long as they have the license and a permit.

Can you sell edibles in a restaurant?

Again, the answer is yes. If you have the necessary paperwork done, you can sell THC-infused food in a restaurant.

Does California have weed restaurants?

California, especially Los Angeles has some amazing weed restaurants that every stoner should visit at some point in their life. You may not know where to start, so checking this list would help on your journey to explore weed dining.

The Cannabis Café

Cannabis Café should be your starting point on this journey because it is the first weed restaurant in LA. They offer delicious THC-infused dishes and other edibles. You can’t just walk in Cannabis Café due to its popularity, so make sure to have a reservation before you go in.


Popcultivate is a fine dining experience with weed. The restaurant has a seasonal menu and uses only fresh ingredients. Aside from weed-infused delicious food, Popcultive offers artisanal psychedelic-infused drinks as well.

Cheba Bakery

Cheba Bakery is the place you must go if you have sweet tooth. This lovely bakery makes amazing cannabis edibles in form of cookies, cupcakes, and many other pastry delicacies. Make sure to drop by at this place to get high and sweeten your day.

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Bull & Dragon

Bull & Dragon is another fine dining option in LA. Their exotic menu will take your taste buds on a delicious trip and the superior taste comes with a superior high. Like the flavors, the food is generous on THC as well.

Cannabis Supper Club

Cannabis Supper Club really knows how to combine the best quality ingredients with the best quality weed. The kitchen is filled with expert chefs who know how to get you high with amazing food, so make sure to check it out.

Where can you smoke weed and eat in LA?

You may want your weed only in your joint but still wanna enjoy good food. Some restaurants in LA serve regular food with the freedom of consuming cannabis. We have one more place to recommend that goes into this category.

Rainbow Bar & Grill

This place has an amazing grilled meat menu with delicious cocktails and it is totally 420 friendly. Bring your own weed, enjoy delicious food and just have a good time.

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