Try Our Most Potent Cannabis Strains!

Try Our Most Potent Cannabis Strains!

If you’ve been smoking for quite some time, you may find that it takes a few more hits to get you to your desired level. Instead of buying the same old flower, why not branch out and try one of our most potent strains? The higher THC content a strain has, the less you will need to smoke to get you high or relieve aches and pains. Whether you’re looking for a flower for recreational or medicinal purposes, we highly recommend our most potent cannabis strains!

Brandywine THC: 28.7%

Brandywine has a delicate tea aroma with light flavors of Chardonnay grapes. This indica delivers relaxing physical effects that can relieve stress without being too sedating. Be prepared with snacks on hand, as this strain is an appetite stimulant as well.

Lemon Walker THC: 28.8%

Lemon Walker OG is an ideal strain for those seeking an uplifting, mood enhancing strain. This stimulating hybrid has a sweet citrus aroma mixed with an undertone of diesel notes.

Pineapple OG THC: 29.1%

A rare strain only found on the west coast, Pineapple OG is said to provide an upbeat cerebral high with a decent body buzz. As a Sativa dominant hybrid, this strain is known for its high THC content & potency.

Ice Cream Cake THC: 28.2%

Much like the frozen treat, Ice Cream Cake has a delicious sweet, creamy flavor and aroma. This hybrid delivers relaxing and happy effects that will leave you wanting more. With an amazing look and taste, this is a RARE EXOTIC strain worth trying!


If you are not used to smoking potent strains, go low and start slow! These potent flowers deliver a very extreme high.

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