Marijuana Delivery Bill Waiting To Be Approved By Colorado Governor


A bill passed from the Colorado Legislature Wednesday would permit for marijuana delivery beginning in 2020 for medical patients and in 2021 for recreational users.

When signed, the bill could bring the Centennial State longer in line with current states’s marijuana laws, which in some areas permit for delivery and other things such as tasting rooms at dispensaries.

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House Bill 2019-1234 passed the state Senate with a vote of 20-14, and the state House with a vote of 38-27. Read the full text of the bill at this link.

The bill allows for “marijuana delivery permits” for licensed medical marijuana dispensaries and “transporters” to provide the goods to private residences once a day only. Deliveries are not allowed on college campuses, according to the Legislature.

The bill would allow for medical patients to get a daily marijuana delivery in 2020 and also for recreational users to obtain the exact same starting in 2021.

Medical marijuana deliveries could be allowed beginning Jan. 2, 2020 recreational marijuana deliveries would be permitted at precisely the same time the next year. The country’s licensing authority would have control over this process.

A $1 surcharge would be tacked on to each delivery made and could then be funneled back into local law authorities for the sole purpose of administering local marijuana legislation.

Those licensed to make such deliveries would also be protected from criminal prosecution while on the job.

Also in the bill: Delivery will only be permitted in whatever town or jurisdiction if this place allows for these deliveries (either by voter referendum or from the regulating body — such as a town council).

Small details about the bill — just like how much a delivery may cost, what the licensing procedure is — still have to get nailed down.

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