Lemon Vuitton Strain Review & Information

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One of the members of our top-quality flowers is Lemon Vuitton, let’s see what it can offer.

What strain is Lemon Vuitton?

Lemon Vuitton is a phenotype of the legendary OG Kush cannabis strain.

Is Lemon Vuitton an Indica or Sativa?

Lemon Vuitton is a rare breed of sativa strains with an easily noticeable impact on your mind and body.

Lemon Vuitton Strain Effects

Lemon Vuitton is a completely euphoric effect that will leave you feeling incredibly pleased and lifted for hours. The high begins with a gradual effect, sneaking up on you and blasting elevated happiness into your consciousness. A relaxing body high will gradually wash over you as your cerebral state reaches this degree of perfect joy, lulling you into a peaceful state that will have you kicked back without sedation or tiredness. If you have things to do, keep in mind that this combo can soon turn into a stony high. Lemon Vuitton is frequently used to treat diseases such as chronic pain, appetite loss or nausea, chronic stress, and spasms due to these properties and its high THC content.

Lemon Vuitton THC Level

Lemon Vuitton comes with a THC level of 26.30%

Lemon Vuitton Strain Flavors

Lemon Vuitton gives a spicy nutty flavor as you exhale with herbaceous woody notes.

Lemon Vuitton Strain Smell

The smell of this flower is earthy and woody, with subtle herbal and spicy tones.

Lemon Vuitton Growing Info

Lemon Vuitton stays short and stocky, with plenty of strong branching. When only the terminal sprout is topped early, the plants bush out well. Internodal spacing is wide enough for good airflow around the flowers late in the flowering phase, which is unusual for a broadleaf type plant. Round fluffy neon green nugs with golden amber overtones, thin matching hairs, and a coating of tiny frosty white crystal trichomes characterize the Lemon Vuitton strain.

Lemon Vuitton is available on our menu with the wight options of 3.5g, 7g, and 14g.

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