Kushfly Is Taking All Necessary Precautions Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Shelves are empty, hand sanitizer is sold out everywhere, and schools are closing. With all the news and information in the media regarding COVID-19, it’s easy to panic.

As you may be aware, health and government officials are urging people to stay home as much as possible and avoid going out if it’s not absolutely necessary. This is the perfect time to skip going to your local weed shop, and instead, call Kushfly to bring your cannabis, CBD, and edibles directly to you.

Cleanliness Is Our Priority

COVID-19 seems to be spreading at an alarming rate, but you can rest assured that the staff at Kushfly is doing everything possible to avoid contamination or spreading of the virus.

Cleanliness is always a top priority at Kushfly, and we have stepped it up amid the COVID-19 frenzy.

Our office staff wears gloves when they pack orders, and we have sanitized all office computers, phones, and workspaces.

Kushfly drivers are carrying hand sanitizer and cleaning their hands after every order they deliver, and they will be wearing face masks within the upcoming days.

Let’s Work Together

Now more than ever, it is important to work together and take all necessary precautions.

We want everyone to understand that we truly care about the safety of our staff and customers, and we will do everything possible to make sure they are protected from COVID-19.

Wash your hands as much as possible, sanitize your cell phones, stay indoors when necessary, and order delivery from Kushfly!

Stay safe, Los Angeles!

If you are in LA and would like to purchase marijuana flowerCBDedibles, or concentrates for deliveryregister with Kushfly here. Check out our DEALS! And ask us how you can get FREE delivery!

Kushfly Is Taking All Necessary Precautions Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

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