How To Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Summer Routine

How To Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Summer Routine

Summer is officially here and we couldn’t be happier. The time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather is now! If you love marijuana and enjoying the summer, then we’ve got the perfect ways to incorporate cannabis into your summer routine.

Enjoy a joint by the pool

This might be an obvious one, but enjoying a joint by the pool is one of our favorite ways to enjoy weed. What’s better than relaxing in the sun while smoking fresh flower? If you’re on the search for the perfect joint, check out our preroll menu here.

Make CBD infused lemonade

There’s nothing that says ‘summer’ like a glass of freshly made lemonade. You can make yours a little special by infusing it with Leo Cor Simple CBD Syrup. This sweet addition will turn your regular lemonade into a CBD paradise. Enjoy a glass or two and let all your troubles and stress melt away as the CBD works its way into your system.

Make THC infused S’mores

One of our favorite ways to enjoy cannabis in summer is by making THC infused S’mores. Swap out your regular chocolate bar for a THC infused one, like this one from Whiz Edibles. Just be careful not to overdue it, these tasty treats are both potent and addicting!

Grow your own marijuana in your garden

If you live in a state where it’s legal to grow marijuana for personal use, then planting and growing your own cannabis is a great summer activity. Gardening is a relaxing and fun way to enjoy the summer, and at the end, you’ll have your own cannabis buds! If you’re interested, check out our guide on growing tips for beginners!

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