How To Incorporate Cannabis Into Father’s Day

How To Incorporate Cannabis Into Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Today is a day dedicated to celebrating our dads and all the wonderful things they have done for us. Depending on what kind of guy your dad is, today might mean bringing the whole family together for a fun day out, or just relaxing at home with a beer. Whatever your celebration plans are, here are three fun ways to incorporate cannabis into Father’s Day!

Wake Dad Up With An Extra Special Breakfast

One way to show dad how much he is appreciated is by making him a great breakfast. Bacon and eggs are great, but how about adding a side of a little something extra? Loud Edibles Crunchy Toast Cereal is bursting with cinnamon flavor and contains 400mg of THC. Nothing like waking up happy!


Make Him A CBD Cocktail or Mock-tail

Who doesn’t love a refreshing drink? Chances are, your dad would love a delicious evening drink. Leo Cor CBD Simple Syrup is available in 60ml or 750ml and can make any drink even better. Leo Core uses the highest quality of pristinely extracted, lab-tested, flavorless CBD isolate with cane sugar to formulate a vegan, gluten-free simple syrup. Add some into his favorite cocktail or mock-tail and let him enjoy! This is a great option for dads who don’t want to experience any ‘high’ effects.


Indulge Him With A $100 Benji Joint

Although he might not admit it, we know dad loves to be spoiled! What cooler way to spoil him than by giving him a $100 Benji Preroll that he can brag to his friends about. Handcrafted $100 bill print rolling papers made with the finest organic paper and filled with 1g of top shelf flower.


Whatever your Father’s Day plans are, we hope you can incorporate cannabis! Have a safe and happy day!


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