Gelatti Strain Review & Information

What Strain is Gelatti?

Gelatti is a great strain for satisfying hybrid enthusiasts. The flower is created by cross-breeding Gelato and OG Biscotti. You can’t go wrong with those strains, so expect Gelatty to have an insane flavor with a relaxing yet uplifting high.

Is Gelatti an Indica or Sativa?

This flower is a balanced hybrid strain with a ratio of 50% indica and 50% sativa. 

Gelatti Strain Growing Info

Gelatti is one of the indoors favoring strains but can be grown outdoors as well. The seeds love warm and humid environments. Flowering time usually takes 7 to 9 weeks depending on the conditions. Indoor plants can give a yield of 16 ounces per square meter. If it is grown properly, the buds should be dense and big. The color of the nugs is usually bright green with purple tones. Orange hairs and purplish-white trichomes are likely to show themselves on fully grown buds.

Gelatti THC Level

Don’t let the name mislead you. Gelatti may have small nugs but its THC content is considered high. The flower holds 22.1% THC

Gelatti Strain Effects

Like all well-crafted hybrids, Magma Cookies offers the best of both worlds. You feel the energy and your mood being shifted to the positive side after the smoke meets your lungs. The soothing cerebral high builds up slowly, followed by a sedating effect for your body as well. You will be relaxed enough to kick back yet focused enough to get things done with motivation. Beware of the hunger though. If you are on a diet, Magma Cookies makes it harder for your will to eat less. effects make it a good alternative to lover inflammation, muscle spasms, chronic fatigue, and other conditions like ADHD or ADD.

Gelatti Strain Flavors

Gelatti’ aroma profile can be described as fruit-flavored ice cream or a fruit sherbet. Sharp menthol and woody touches with the tarty citrus aftertaste, enhance the inhaling experience to another point.

Gelatti smells like a fruit basket that is decorated with fresh mint. Smelling a bag of this flower is a real treat for your nostrils and would be enough to make your day better.

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