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Cheetah Piss Strain Review

Cheetah Piss Strain Review

Don’t let the name scare you, Cheetah Piss is a popular hybrid cannabis strain that has a strong ammonia smell similar to, well, Cheetah Piss.

The buds of Cheetah Piss are usually a vibrant bright green color with a hearty coating of trichomes.

Those who have tried Cheetah Piss have said that it relieves pain and produces a heavy body feeling. This is a great strain for those looking for relief from stress or tension.

Generally, this hybrid has THC levels in the mid-20s. Cheetah Piss is a creation of Lemonade, Gelato 42, and London Poundcake 97.

Cheetah Piss Strain Review

What are the effects of Cheetah Piss?

Cheetah Piss will leave you feeling relaxed and sedated like you want to chill on the couch and take a nap. Although Cheetahs are known for their fast speed, this cannabis strain will slow down your body and mind.

It’s a great choice for relaxing and unwinding at the end of a long day or week. Don’t plan to get too much done after smoking this heavy hybrid, because your mind will probably become clouded and hazy.

If you’re looking for pain relief, this is a great strain. Users who suffer from back pain, headaches, or other body aches choose Cheetah Piss thanks to its pain-relieving properties.


Why buy Cheetah Piss?

Cheetah Piss is a great strain for many reasons. Learn more about its potent aroma, flavor, and effects below.

Unique Aroma and Flavor

Cheetah Piss might not sound like the most appealing name, but you’ll be presently surprised with its flavor. This hybrid has a scent that is similar to feline urine, but luckily the taste is much more natural and earthy.

Sought-After Qualities

One of the main reasons why Cheetah Piss is so popular is because of its relaxing effects. Not only is it a great strain for relaxation, but it also has some medicinal benefits.

Cheetah Piss has helped some people relieve their symptoms of:

  • Depression
  • ADD
  • Chronic Pain
  • Stress
  • Anxiety

Because this strain is generally quite low in THC, people who suffer from anxiety won’t have to worry about it negatively affecting them. Some strains that are high in THC have been known to cause paranoia or fear, but this is not the case with Cheetah Piss.

Other Questions Related To Cheetah Piss

Can I cook with it?

Cheetah Piss is a great choice for making edibles. That being said, you can still cook with it and infuse your favorite dishes. You can make cannabutter or other cannabis-infused dishes with this flower.

What Are Similar Strains?


Cheetah Piss is a pungent hybrid strain that has extremely relaxing qualities. This strain gives off a very strong scent similar to cat urine but has a more earthy, natural flavor.

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