Best Indica Marijuana Strains in 2021 – Los Angeles

Although many people associate indica strains as a solely couch-lock inducing strain, indica has so many varieties with an array of effects. In addition to cradling you to sleep, indica may also allow you to feel peaceful and happy. Indica is also frequently used for conditions such as pain management, sleep disorders, and inflammation. There are so many variations of indica strain names out there, information overload may set in. So let’s make it easier for you to decide by taking a look at the top indica strains of 2021 with Kushfly’s indica strains list. 

Royal Oak OG

Looking for one of our premium 100% indica strains? Royal Oak OG  is indeed the strain you need when you need to really relax and unwind. Royal Oak OG, the child of Royal Oak and OG Kush, is known for its earthy and skunky aroma- so you know it’s going to have a deep impact. At a seriously high THC level of 27.4%, this indica strain induces particularly intense couch-lock effects. Inhale the sweet and earthy flavors of this indoor-grown strain. Light up in the evening and make sure to cancel all your plans before enjoying. 


Ice Cream Cake 


Ice Cream Cake is an exotic indica strain with deeply sedating effects. If you have chronic pain, insomnia, or anxiety, Ice Cream Cake will happily carry your mind and body to complete relaxation. Its flavors consist of sweet, creamy, and sugary vanilla, just like real Ice Cream Cake leaving you craving more. Ice Cream Cake is the perfect strain for an at-home evening experience of profound tranquility.



Wedding Cake


Wedding Cake is an exotic combination of popular indica strains notable for helping with insomnia, appetite loss, and pain. This child

prodigy of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies also gets its dimensions from Durban Poison, making this greenhouse grown indica strain a must have. Wedding Cake has a remarkably sweet aroma and fruity flavor. This indica strain will leave you feeling euphoric and happy with a satisfying level of relaxation.


Raspberry Gelato 

Raspberry Gelato will cover you in a showered aroma of raspberry and cream. This heavily earth-scented strain may leave new consumers near a couch-lock state. Several regular users however, find Raspberry Gelato to be the perfect accompaniment to a night in with friends playing music, creating art, and having deep conversations. Ultimately, Raspberry Gelato helps with anxiety and chronic pain – making everything else a lovely bonus.




White Runtz 

Looking for total body and mind relaxation? If so, White Runtz is for you. This exotic cross of Gelato and Zkittlez makes a potent hybrid that provides long lasting effects, starting with head to toe tingles and ending with a full body calm. The frosty buds and sweet candy-like aroma of this flower will keep you entertained for hours. It is perfect for calming your anxiety, stress, and pains after a long day.





Truffle Treats 

Truffle Treats  is an indica strain notable for its potency. It carries an intense high that blankets over your body and mind. Truffle Treats is a strain ideal for evening consumption as it is known for causing drowsiness and relaxation. It will envelope you in a dense aroma of berries and pine, with a taste of equal  impact. 




Gelato Cake 

Gelato Cake  is another relaxing indica strain known to deliver a full-body sedation lasting long hours. For this reason,

Gelato Cake is ideal for enjoying during a relaxing evening at home. This greenhouse grown strain has been shown to also stimulate appetite as well as relieve inflammation, pain, and stress. Enjoy the gassy and vanilla frosting aroma as you taste its equally appealing creamy and berry flavor.

Sin Mint Cookies

With a strikingly high 29.5% THC content, Sin Mint Cookies  will be your go-to strain. Go for Sin Mint Cookies when you want to forget about your stress and truly relax. This indica flower is bursting with sweet earth and mint flavors that will leave your taste buds dancing.



Looking for a heavy in-your-face buzz that trickles down your body? Do-Si-Dos has a floral, sweet, yet earthy essence that will nuzzle your senses with hints of pine. Do-Si-Dos will melt you from head to toe, with a desirable buzz facial, leaving your evening in complete euphoric relaxation. 

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