2020 The Real Moonrock Preroll Review

2020 The Real Moonrock Preroll Review

Moonrock released their dank buds prerolled into a convenient, ready to smoke anytime joint. Before we get into all the details of the Real Moonrock Prerolls, let’s start with the basics.

What are Moonrocks?

Moonrocks are not a strain of marijuana, but rather they are heavy, dense, potent flower nugs. These are no ordinary marijuana nugs, however. These are made from the hybrid strain, Girl Scout Cookies, dipped or blended in high quality C02 oil, and sprinkled with kief.

Moon Rocks are similar to an ice cream cone dipped in chocolate and covered with sprinkles. In fact, if you pair eating ice cream with smoking Moon Rocks, I’m sure it would be amazing.

Moonrocks Preroll Review

What is a 2020 Moonrock Preroll?

Moonrocks pre rolls are made with 1.3 grams of moonrock nugs, grinded up and stuffed into a joint. These prerolls are available in a variety of flavors, each delicious in their own way, and coming in at 60-65% THC.

The insanely popular Moonrock preroll always burns with a nice white ash. Wait till you pop the cork you can smell the quality flower, high grade oil and sift grade keif.

Moonrocks Preroll Review

How do they make you feel?

So, you can probably tell just from reading about them that Moonrock pre rolls will deliver quite the high. The last time I smoked this joint, my high came on quickly and hit me hard.

I was stoned for a few hours and I couldn’t get off my couch for the first hour or so. After the couch-lock effect wore off, I felt completely relaxed yet uplifted.

I really enjoyed the high, and I only needed a few puffs to get the full effects. I would not recommend starting with these if you’re a newbie smoker, of if you do, make sure you only take 1 or 2 puffs!


How much is in a Moonrock pre roll?

Moonrocks pre rolls are made with 1.3 grams of moonrock nugs, grinded up and stuffed into a joint.

Can I smoke a Moon Rock by itself?

We recommend to mix Moon Rocks with other marijuana products to dilute the potency and make the smoking experience more manageable.

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