Milkshake Strain Review & Information

Kushfly has revolutionized cannabis delivery In Los Angeles. We strive to give the highest-quality flowers and vapes from the best cannabis brands in the quickest amount of time possible to our customers. Our arsenal includes so many beautiful indica strains. This time, we’ll look into the Milkshake strain, an underappreciated gem. Let’s see whether this is the right strain for you.

What strain is Milkshake Strain?

Strawberry Milkshake is a unique strain generated by combining Dairy Queen and G13 Haze strains.

Is Milkshake Strain an Indica or Sativa?

Milk Shake is an indica dominant strain with relaxing effects on both the mind and the body.

Milkshake Strain Effects

Milkshake turns into a true body buzz force of nature thanks to its kushy indica vibes. In a couple of seconds, you’ll feel its hug wrap around you. That physical snuggle expands into a heavy, lethargic full-body experience as it sinks deeper beneath the surface. Milkshake provides epicurean highs that surround the muscles in a loving indica hug, delighting the mind. Euphoria ensues, causing your body to sink even deeper into that sofa as your spirits soar to the sky.

You might have found what you wanted in Milkshake if you’re wanting to add a little joy to your life with minimal effort. As you relax and trigger soothing skeletomuscular feedback loops to calm the mind, your stress and worries will fade away. Milkshake is also said to help people with chronic pain, indicating that it has a wide range of medical applications for such a small cannabis plant.

Milkshake Strain THC Level

Milkshake’s effects are really strong due to its 29.7% percent THC level.

Milkshake Strain Flavors

When you smoke the Milk Shake, sweetness is unavoidable. Interestingly, in Milkshake, the sweet chocolate flavor has morphed into a fudge-like flavor. A peppery, scorching touch keeps this vibrant tone from becoming overbearing.

Milkshake Strain Smell

The smell is similar to the taste, creamy-sweet yet spicy pungent.

Milkshake Strain Growing Info

Regardless of how delicious it tastes or how high it gets, the main reason to get a batch of Milkshake feminized seeds is sheer grower’s delight. This lass would be an excellent contender for a beginner’s cannabis strain if such a thing existed. With this fast-paced power grower, anyone novice to growing flowers indoors or out in the yard may attain A-level results. Here’s your gal if you’re looking for a summer of quick sequential growth. Even the most seasoned grower will appreciate the toughness of this hassle-free, fully automatic workhorse.

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