Seasonal Harvest Co. Pre-Rolls 1/8th Oz. in 5 Cones

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Enjoy a full 1/8th oz. of top-shelf, single-origin flower conveniently rolled into 5 raw cones. Seasonal Harvest flower is lab-tested and 100% pesticide-free. Packaged in sustainably-grown walnut free of chemicals and dyes. Sealed for long-lasting freshness. Indica, Sativa and Hybrid options are available.

Indica: Blueberry Muffin’s complimentary genetics make for a strong yet functional indica that exhibits a classic aroma of — you guessed it — blueberry muffins themselves. Its fruity palate and functional body buzz helps curb anxiety, chronic pain, and nausea. THC: 19.6%

Sativa: Sour Amnesia has an earthy, floral aroma that is enhanced by the citrus, diesel zest of parent strain Sour Diesel. Its Amnesia parentage lends an extra creative boost and the strain has been celebrated for its soaring, uplifting effects appreciated by commercial breeders and connoisseur growers alike. THC: 23.8%

Hybrid: Sherbert exhibits powerful full-body effects elevated by a jolt of cerebral energy. A complex aroma colors Sherbert with notes of skunky citrus, sweet berry, and that candy-like smell redolent of its GSC parent. Stress, tension, and sour moods melt away with the carefree mindset and physical relaxation that comes with this rich hybrid. THC: 22.4%

Dispensary License No.: A12-18-0000038-TEMP

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