LA Pop Rocks

LA Pop Rocks strain has an invigorating effect that leaves you cheerful. Since it’s relaxing, it’s versatility makes it suitable for being an everyday strain. LA Pop Rocks has sweet notes that stay on the tongue, which has calming and relaxing effects.

THC: 33.1%

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LA Pop Rocks Strain Effects

LA Pop Rocks is a sweet and fruity cannabis strain. An hybrid strain that consumers say enhances creativity and uplifts there mood, making it a highly sought-after strain for artists and musicians. A good choice for day or night consumption, many reported LA Pop Rocks to start off with energizing cerebral euphoria that kept the mind clear of stress and worry. Many also found this strain to be socially stimulating, providing a relaxed, but clear-headed high that they say is perfect for sharing with friends.

Along with this cerebral elevation, users describe a gradual relaxation that some say leaves the body sensitive to touch, making them recommend LA Pop Rocks to try with your significant other. Eventually, they describe relaxation giving way to a heavy state of euphoric bliss, leaving the mind clear for full enjoyment.

Flavor & Aroma

Drawing in LA Pop Rocks instantly reveals it’s candied goodness. The taste of ripe grapes and citrus leave the impression of a sweet and fruity smoke. On the exhale, an earthy aftertaste lingers in the mouth.

What many love about this unusual strain is the flavor it gives off, as it tastes just like the candy it’s named for! A tangy blend of fruity and spicy smells will meet your nose as you take your first hit, offering a well-rounded experience.

How does it look? 

These beautiful flowers are a deep purple hue with splashes of bright orange, white, and dark green highlights from the long orange hairs, perfectly formed trichome crystal, and dark green leaves. The buds are fluffy with what looks like a thin layer of snow covering the purple undertones. If you’re looking for a flower with outstanding bag appeal, Pop Rocks is the perfect choice. 

Suggested Activities

Pop Rocks makes for a great daytime smoke in spite of the heavy-hitting high commonly associated with Indica-dominant strains. It has a euphoric onset that instantly puts one in the mood to complete tasks. With a clear head, thoughts are free to flow and form. Thus, it is not uncommon for one to go on a creative spree – coming up with diverse ideas in a short amount of time. The feeling of productivity also creates a sense of fulfillment that leaves casual users happy from within. 

As time flies, a soothing body high begins to manifest. It starts in the temples and, gradually, makes it’s way to the body. For many, the experience is notable in the lack of heaviness in the limbs or tension in the muscle. Coupled with initial head high, users become even more motivated to go through personal passion projects. For many, the body high ends with a full-bodied relaxation. However, the freedom from mental and physical inhibition can be quite an arousing experience. For this reason, Pop Rocks can be a great bedtime companion too especially when it is a night in with a loved one.

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