Watermelon Gumbo

Introducing Watermelon Gumbo strain, a highly praised bud known for its deeply relaxing effects that often invoke feelings of “Netflix and chill” or a state of pure blissful couch-lock.

THC: 32.1%


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Watermelon Gumbo Strain Effects

Introducing Watermelon Gumbo, a highly praised strain known for it’s deeply relaxing effects that often invoke feelings of “Netflix and chill” or a state of pure blissful couch-lock. When indulging in this strain, prepare to sink comfortably into your sofa as it delivers a potent Indica experience.

Some users have reported feeling the effects of Watermelon Gumbo for up to two hours. Before lighting up, it’s advisable to plan for a proper session with this strain. It’s essential to have a variety of cold beverages and delicious snacks on hand, as Watermelon Gumbo is notorious for triggering a strong appetite.

While the smoke is smooth, enhancing the overall experience by taking sips of a drink between hits is recommended. Although enjoying Watermelon Gumbo may require some forethought, the relaxation and enhanced sensory exploration it offers make it a truly worthwhile experience.

Flavor & Aroma

Named for it’s mouthwatering watermelon flavor, this unique strain boasts a fruity taste that delights the palate. Enhanced by the terpene Alpha-pinene, it emits a pleasant piney aroma, accompanied by a delightful sweetness. It’s alluring fragrance alone solidifies it’s status as a top choice among cannabis enthusiasts.

The delectable sweetness transcends into the flavor, providing a hashy and sugary watermelon taste. Watermelon Gumbo is the epitome of a strain that pleases the senses in the most exquisite manner, making it a must-try for cannabis. 

How does it look? 

The buds of Watermelon Gumbo are visually stunning, often featuring hues of mint or olive green with hints of blue along the edges. Delicate amber hairs gracefully adorn the buds, enhancing the overall appeal. Upon opening a jar of Watermelon Gumbo, you’ll be met with a dense layer of milky white and crystal trichomes, creating a mesmerizing visual display.

Suggested Activities

For those seeking a cannabis strain that brings a touch of humor and sparks passions, Watermelon Gumbo is an ideal choice. Get ready for moments of spontaneous laughter or an increased sense of romance during your cozy evenings. However, if your looking for intense laughter or a particularly amorous experience, you may want to consider exploring other options.

While it pairs well with a “Netflix and chill” atmosphere, Watermelon Gumbo tends to lean more towards the relaxing side, often inducing feelings of calmness and drowsiness. It also boosts appetite, so it’s highly recommended to have your favorite snacks nearby. Rest assured, you’ll be grateful for having them within reach.

Alternative Strains 

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