Frosted Buff Cherry

Although it’s name suggests intense sweetness, users can anticipate a more nuanced flavor profile from Frosted Buff Cherry, where notes of berries, particularly cherries, harmonize with earthy undertones, herbs, and spices.

THC: 31.2%

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Frosted Buff Cherry Strain Effects

Frosted Buff Cherry offers a versatile experience, suitable for midday upliftment or evening relaxation, depending on individual tolerance. It’s onset is characterized by a euphoric surge, elevating mood and imbuing a sense of lightness and joy that transcends external circumstances.

Often likened to a rapid mental awakening, it swiftly invigorates the mind with renewed clarity and focus. As time progresses, this cerebral stimulation gradually transitions into a soothing physical calmness, gently enveloping the body in a tranquil embrace. Users may find themselves drifting into a state of deep relaxation, free from the burdens of stress and tension.

With it’s dynamic interplay between mental invigoration and physical serenity, Frosted Buff Cherry offers a well-rounded and satisfying high that can be enjoyed throughout the day or as a peaceful conclusion to a busy evening.

Flavor & Aroma 

Although it’s name suggests intense sweetness, users can anticipate a more nuanced flavor profile from Super Buff Cherry, where notes of berries, particularly cherries, harmonize with earthy undertones, herbs, and spices. While some may initially anticipate an overwhelmingly sugary taste, they’ll find delight in the bud’s complex blend, making it exceptionally enjoyable to smoke.

Super Buff Cherry stands out as a captivating hybrid strain renowned for it’s sweet and fruity taste. It seamlessly melds the delicious essence of ripe cherries with subtle tropical fruit undertones, resulting in a mouthwatering and perfectly balanced experience. This strain’s terpene profile, notably rich in myrcene, pinene, and limonene, further enhances it’s delightful aroma, elevating the overall sensory journey for users.


The most abundant terpene in Frosted Cherry Cookies is myrcene, followed by pinene and limonene.


Myrcene (herbal)

The most common terpene found in cannabis and has an earthy scent.


Pinene (pine)

Limonene (citrus)

How does it look? 

This flower presents an irresistible visual allure, with it’s small, dark green buds adorned by delicate pink undertones. These buds are generously coated with trichomes that complement the overall color palette, while vibrant dark orange pistils provide a striking contrast, further elevating it’s aesthetic appeal. The combination of these elements creates a captivating display that is sure to catch the eye of any observer.

Suggested Activities

Many users experience deep relaxation during the course of there high with Frosted Buff Cherry. For some, this fosters social behavior and creativity, while others may feel inclined to rest. Consider adding Frosted Buff Cherry to your shopping list for it’s versatile effects. If you know your tolerance, experimenting with this bud in the afternoon can offer a reprieve, or save it for the evening for full enjoyment.

As a hybrid strain, Super Buff Cherry offers a harmonious blend of effects, inducing euphoria and mental upliftment alongside physical relaxation. Users often report feeling creative and tranquil, making it suitable for various occasions. With it’s dense, frosty buds and sweet cherry aroma, Frosted Buff Cherry promises an uplifting and euphoric experience, perfect for enhancing social gatherings or enjoying a daytime pick-me-up.

Whether your a novice or experienced enthusiast, Frosted Buff Cherry’s well-rounded effects cater to all preferences. So sit back, relax, and relish the delightful flavors and uplifting effects of Frosted Buff Cherry.

Alternative Strains 

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  1. Anthony Saccone

    PERFECT hybrid!! very high THC for a Hybrid and i’m absolutely loving it and this flower is just what i need after getting home from a long shift! If you’re looking for a nice relaxing Hybrid then i highly recommend trying this one out!! thank you Kushfly!!!

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