Caviar Gold Flowers ( High THC&CBD )

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Caviar Gold Flowers ( High THC&CBD )

The strongest cannabis medicine in the world!

Caviar Gold is Top Shelf Bud infused with Co2 gold dust hash oil all the way to the center of the bud then dusted in kief for an amazing crystal coating!

55+% Delta 9 High CBD Co2 Cavi Oil

15+% Top Shelf Indoor Flowers

30+% High CBD Gold Kief

100% Caviar Gold

*Caviar Silver is made by %15+ outdoor grown flowers and same percentage of Hash Oil and Kief.

A unique extraction process which preserves the natural properties of the plant circulation;
  1. CO2 Storage
  2. Cooling: CO2 passes into a cold exchange to maintain its liquid state before entering into the high pressure pump.
  3. Pressurization: The pressure is raised to 300 bars.
  4. Reheating:The temperature is raised to 31c. CO2 is supercritical.
  5. Extraction: CO2 supercritical is used as solvent to extract active plant ingredients without denaturing them.
  6. Relaxation: Lowering of the pressure and thus return of the CO2 to a gas state allows the separation of the extract from CO2.
  7. Reheating: The temperature is maintained at 30C.
  8. Separation: 1st separation, stage: Separation of CO2 from the extract by gravity.
  9. Under pulling: The extract is decompressed gradually to be under drawn as total safety.
  10. Cyclonic separation: 2nd stage separation: Separation of CO2 extract by centrifugal force.
  11. Liquefaction: Still in a gas state, CO2 is cooled for liquefaction.

21 reviews for Caviar Gold Flowers ( High THC&CBD )

  1. Brenda

    I love the Kushfly staff!!! They are always so helpful and compassionate. I tried this product based on the information provided by the staff and I have zero regrets. This product was worth every penny and prefect for my medical needs. Always medicate responsibly and best wishes.

  2. Cat

    Nice crisp scent of strawberry! Each hit feels nice and fresh. Over exceeded my expectations.

  3. XcHaze

    I have never had the pleasure of tasting something so delicious, its truly amazing! Moon Rocks don’t even come close. Its like smoking strawberry bubble gum candy! Nothing like it. Can’t wait to order some more. A++++++

  4. Gail Golden

    Pleeeease bring back caviar gold apple flowers. It’s the best hands down!

  5. Sarah G

    Original flavor is my favorite, very helpful and effective. So grateful it’s an option.

  6. Janette Weisbery

    Caviar-Gold is perfect. It takes my pain away and does not make me feel so out of it I can’t function. Amazing.

  7. S. D.

    Very effective results. I only use at night, too intense for me durning day. My favorite so far.

  8. Victor Avila

    I have to say that this is one of the best tasting buds I ever smoke amazing taste, and I have to give a commendation to KushFly for their amazing service and staff they’re the best. Keep on doing and outstanding job.

  9. Michael Giancola

    From the second you open the jar the aroma is so fruity apple and while medicating it’s easy to smoke and just as enjoyable because of the overwhelmingly amazing apple taste. Most times given the strength of it more than a bowl is plenty to be in a proper state of mind. Highly recommended. Highly effective. Highly delicious. Highly. Enjoy happy 420 to you all

  10. Christina Mc Andrew

    I decided to try something I don’t normally pick and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought that it smelled amazing but the high pay off wasn’t as good for me because I have a pretty high tolerance. Overall I really like this and I would definitely try it again.

  11. Joslyn Thomas

    I love this strain, and I would definitely buy it again. However, I only liked vaping it in my volcano; I didn’t enjoy smoking it. I didn’t like the taste of it, and I felt like all the extra keef that you pay for gets burnt up too quickly with a lighter. If you’re smoking, save your money. If you’re vaporizing, especially if you have a volcano, this strain is an investment. SO GOOD.

  12. Todd Lilienfield

    The Caviar Gold is very strong and really helps my pain.
    I like to vape it along with some Indica since you only need a little dab.
    I really certainly be buying more of this wonderful product.

  13. Dong Joo Cho

    Only strain that helps instantaneously with my migraines. Delivery is a godsend.

  14. Jazmin Nelson

    Caviar Gold treated me well! The taste is crisp and fruity. I felt so calm and relaxed. This is smoooooth bud.

  15. Hugo Catalan

    The bud was so dense and the smell was like no bud I tried before. It’s like dark chocolate mixed with truffles mixed with major skunk smell. I really am enjoying

  16. Matthew S.

    It smells fantastic, and has a nice mellow high. It didn’t put me out right away.

  17. Gregory Stone

    Really nice looking,smelling and smooth. highly recommend

  18. Lyndon Lamphere

    to my taste, the best product ever, strong, upbeat, mild on the throat, a little goes a long way, even with max tolerance. Highly recommended for the hard core.

  19. Donica Miller

    Did I get a bad batch? This strain was very ineffective. Seems dry.

  20. Robert C

    Sort of reminds you of the good Columbian Red back in the day. Way better to vape it though, and whatever you do, DON’T use a grinder!

  21. Laura Laterman (verified owner)

    The strawberry jam flavor and powdery channel #5 aroma is too perfect * effervescent and uplifting like neon caviar bubble bath. Seriously, the caviar gold strawberry fragrance is u there with everything “vanilla” or green tea” candles, scrubs, lip balms…

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